They’re super durable and easy to use.

By Tanya Ghahremani /
Updated March 03, 2020
Courtesy of Amazon

One of the great mysteries of life is undoubtedly how to keep the wires and chargers for your electronics untangled while you’re on the go. You can organize and neatly wrap your phone charger wire, headphones, and laptop charger, then put them in separate ends of your bag, and still they’ll be one big jumbled mess when you pull them out. All hope is not lost, though: There is a way to keep them neat and, most importantly, separated. These reusable Nite Ize Gear Ties are the easiest way to keep your wires from getting tangled in your bag—and they’re only a few bucks.

Basically, they’re twist ties, like the kind you would use to tie around a bag of bread—except reusable and made from a durable rubber material. Just under $3 will get you a pack of four on Amazon, and $10 will get you an eight-pack.

To use, simply roll up your electronic wires as you normally would, and then wrap the gear tie around the middle. You can press down on the ties to make them tighter. When you want to remove them, just pull the tie off and mold it into whatever shape you’d like.

The great thing about these ties is that, despite being so cheap, they’re extremely durable. Waterproof and UV resistant, the ties can be used to secure just about anything—and they’re even resistant to saltwater, which is a good feature for all those beach trips you’ll be making this summer.

Although these three-inch gear ties are perfect for wrapping cords and other electronic wires while you travel, Nite Ize also makes them in a number of different sizes as well: six inches12 inches18 inches24 inches32 inches, and 64 inches.

Customers love the ties as well. They have over 3,300 five-star reviews on Amazon, with tons of reviews touting their convenience and durability. “Easy to use and undo,” one customer wrote. “Super durable—have yet to break one of these. Have bought several sets of these and wrap them on all my cords. Highly recommend to those needing to tie up camping gear or organize a mess of cords/cables!”

You can buy the Nite Ize Gear Ties four-pack on Amazon for $3. Who else is actually excited to pack their cords now for their next trip?

Courtesy of Amazon

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