This $30 Suitcase Organizer Makes Me Feel Like a Packing Professional

The flight attendant–approved Stow-N-Go suitcase organizer lets you unpack in a matter of seconds.

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Stow-n-Go Suitcase Organizer
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

There's nothing worse than digging through your suitcase on day four of your beach vacation to find your favorite cover-up that happens to be buried all the way at the bottom.

I've tried so many different ways to remain organized when I travel: neatly laying out outfits, packing shirts on top of the bottoms I want to wear them with, packing in sections of my suitcase. But no matter what I do, it always ends up a rumpled mess that I'm stuffing back into my suitcase on the way home.

All of that changed the moment I bought the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System Suitcase Organizer.

Stow-n-Go Suitcase Organizer
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, from $30

This $30 hanging organizer comes with three shelves as well as a zippered bottom compartment for things like dirty laundry (because no one wants that mixing in with your clean clothes). And the shelves have all the benefits of unpacking at your destination with none of the actual effort.

I hung the organizer in my closet when I was packing for a recent bachelorette trip to Delray Beach, Florida — and then on another trip after that — and I can confirm it works like a dream. I set out all my bathing suits, going-out outfits, and even my heels before standing back and surveying the shelves. With everything laid out so perfectly, I could do a quick inventory in my head and make sure I wasn't missing anything.

Then came the magical part: I lifted the organizer by the two hooks and dropped it into my small carry-on suitcase, pulling the straps tight to compress it down. I then slipped my toiletry bag and flip-flops on the side (because there's even room for that) and off I went.

And when I finally got to the hotel, I just lifted it back out and hung it in the closet in the room. I had unpacked everything I brought in a matter of seconds. I quickly scouted my favorite bathing suit and changed to head down to the pool.

And I'm not alone in my love for this packing system. Amazon buyer ljudkins wrote they're a flight attendant and that they bought two: "I pack everything in my Stow-N-Go while at home and just hang it at each hotel on my trips. Its like unpacking without unpacking. I highly recommend this for staying organized on your trips!"

Fellow Amazon buyer blonghauser wrote the organizer was "one of the best additions I have made to my travel gear. It fits perfectly into my mid sized suitcase. One of my favorite features is the dirty clothes space in the bottom… I'm able to fit most of the clothes I need for a two to three day trip within the three compartments, which I like rather than unpacking into hotel drawers. That way if I have clothes I don't use, I can just take the product off the hanger pole and put into my suitcase without having to reorganize anything or accidentally forgetting something in the hotel drawers."

Do yourself (and your wrinkled clothes) a favor and stay organized. Grab the Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System Suitcase Organizer from

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