My $40 Hack to Staying Hydrated All Day Has a 33,000-person Waitlist — Here's How You Can Get One

Stanley’s Adventure Quencher tumbler makes drinking two liters of water a day a total no-brainer.

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Stanley Cups
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Drinking water is probably the healthy habit that most of us are forgetting to keep up with every day. I've certainly been guilty of missing out on my daily 2 liters of water, being glued to my desk and chair for hours on end. Having to get up every five minutes to refill my glass can be tedious at best, and even though there are definitely humongous water bottles I could use, they can be heavy to carry and easily lead to spills with their typically wide rims. That's why Stanley's 40-ounce Adventure Quencher travel tumbler has been such a life-changing hack for me to stay hydrated all day.

With its large capacity, sturdy handle, and vacuum insulation, the Adventure Quencher tumbler is the most convenient way I've found to stay hydrated without constantly needing to refill glasses and bottles. Its 40-ounce size means I only have to fill it up twice—maybe three times—to reach my 2-liter goal, and I've turned finishing my refills into a daily goal that I aim to achieve. Perhaps it's the reason others love the Stanley tumbler, too: It has been sold out since last November, and accumulated a 33,000-person waitlist in the process. Thankfully, it's back in stock now, where you can get it for $40.

Stanley Cups
Courtesy of Stanley

Available at Stanley , Rei, Amazon and Dicksportinggoods

For such a basic concept, the tumbler comes with a surprising amount of useful elements. The straw makes sipping easy, the vacuum insulation keeps water cold for up to 11 hours (and hot for up to seven), and the adjustable lid comes with a rotating cover that allows you to sip from a wide opening or from the straw, or to keep it closed for transport. Plus, despite its vacuum insulation, the tumbler is super lightweight and easy to carry around with its grippy handle. Since it's dishwasher-safe, I just toss it into the machine every night for a routine clean.

Plus, true to Stanley's reputation as the go-to brand for near-indestructible travel drinkware and jugs, the Adventure Quencher tumbler has proven to withstand my clumsiness—in fact, I dropped it within minutes of receiving mine from the brand, and it didn't leave a scratch at all. With so many convenient features, the Stanley tumbler has made staying hydrated truly a no-brainer habit that's easy to achieve. They're "hands down the best cup," as one reviewer said, who added, "There's a reason they sell out in minutes! [It] keeps beverages so cold, for hours and hours. I can leave it in my hot car and the ice doesn't even melt. I've bought them as gifts for almost everyone I know."

Although the tumbler just came back in stock, most colors are already gone, but you can still get it in cream. Hurry and shop the Adventure Quencher travel tumbler before it becomes unavailable for months again.

Stanley Cups
Courtesy of Stanley

To buy:, $40

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