Shay Mitchell's New Travel Brand Is Perfect for Super-organized Travelers

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Shay Mitchell BÉIS Travel Brand Launch
Photo: Courtesy of BÉIS

When it comes to celebrity travel, Shay Mitchell is at the top of our list of "Celebs We Want to Be so We Can Go on Their Amazing Vacations." Seriously. The former Pretty Little Liars star goes on so many stunning trips around the globe, her adventures have earned their very own hashtag and YouTube series, #SHAYCATION.

While we unfortunately can't morph into the jet-setting actress (or any of the other celebs on that list), we can shop Mitchell's just-launched line of smartly designed travel bags and accessories for our next trip. May the #SHAYCATION never end.

Shay Mitchell BÉIS Travel Brand Launch
Courtesy of BÉIS

We caught up with the You star to get the lowdown on her new collection, BÉIS — but first, you should know that this isn't just another celebrity endorsement or designer collab. "I love those partnerships, too," Mitchell said. "But to have a company that I started is a whole other level. There are no talking points. There's nobody telling me what to say or do. I know exactly why I'm telling you about this specific feature — because I created it."

In other words: she cares. Also, all that traveling just means she's the perfect designer for this line of travel essentials.

The first drop from BÉIS features backpacks, weekender bags, cosmetics cases, luggage tags, and passport covers, all chic and affordable at under $100. For Mitchell, this was a must. "Finding pieces in big department stores that were just clean were always so expensive. I'm not trying to walk around in a SpongeBob backpack." Instead, with BÉIS, you'll find sleek and sophisticated designs that won't break the bank.

Scroll through for pieces from the new collection and a Q&A with the jet-setting co-founder herself.

BÉIS Travel Multi Function Weekend Bag

Shay Mitchell BÉIS Travel Brand Launch
Courtesy of BÉIS

To buy:, $78

Travel + Leisure: It's always hard to pick a favorite, but if you could only choose one from the collection…

Shay Mitchell: "The weekender is my go-to. For this weekend trip, I brought that bag. I have my heels, my runners, and another pair of boots. They all fit. I have my clothes, I have my toiletry bag in there along with my makeup kit — it all fit. I have my laptop in the back and my hot sauce in the front pocket, and we're good to go."

Speaking of hot sauce, what's another essential you never travel without?

"Anti-bacterial wipes, which we're creating as well. We're in the middle of making cool wet wipes, because every time I travel, the first thing I do is wipe down the seat. Another thing — a really cool thing — I'm doing is something to cover your hotel remote control. Because if you think about it, the amount of people that touch the controller... I don't care if they clean the room, they're not wiping it down with an anti-bacterial wipe. But then I'll be eating french fries and watching a movie, and it's like I'm touching the controller and eating — that's gross."

BÉIS Travel Multi Function Travel Backpack

Shay Mitchell BÉIS Travel Brand Launch
Courtesy of BÉIS

To buy:, $62

Do you have an in-flight or post-flight routine?

"I don't ever have makeup on before. As soon as they give you the warning to like sit down, then I use that 30 minutes to do the makeup part. I hate traveling with makeup on. I have masks with me that I bring all the time. They're like one-minute. Bioré has these one-minute self-heating masks that I'll put on because it's one minute. So I can literally do it in the bathroom there and no one knows."

BÉIS Travel Luggage Tag & Passport Holder Set

Shay Mitchell BÉIS Travel Brand Launch
Courtesy of BÉIS

To buy:, $25

Are you a last-minute packer, or do you pack well in advance?

"I'd say, like, two days before. But if it's a big trip, then I'll obviously have, like, a fitting beforehand. Like for Paris Fashion Week, I do a fitting but then I always have my go-to items, and I have a list that I'll cross reference when I'm packing so that I don't forget anything.

I have separate compartments. I have a little bag that's for chargers. I have a little bag that's for hair ties and miscellaneous stuff. I like being super organized when I'm on the road, so I know where everything is. Because sometimes when you're traveling, you're not in your comfort zone. Hopefully you're not, you know? You're going to places that you've never been before. So at least you have the items that make you feel comfortable with you and you know where they are."

BÉIS Travel Cosmetics Case

Shay Mitchell BÉIS Travel Brand Launch
Courtesy of BÉIS

To buy:, $38

What's your best travel tip?

"Making a list so that you don't forget stuff, and then you'll always have your go-to list of stuff that you know you need. And always bring a bathing suit. You never know if there's a pool in your hotel."

You can shop BÉIS at and

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