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Attention all adventurous docu-travelers (or really, just anyone who wants to capture some solid memories on their next vacation): Here’s the game-changing video camera that’ll capture every single precious moment with just one push of a button. No more worrying if you caught that on tape, no more keeping an eye on framing. The new Rylo camera will capture the perfect shot every single time — and the best part is you won’t even have to think about it.

How is that possible, you ask? Rylo has two wide-angle lenses that combine to capture moments happening all around you, allowing you to either create a clip from any section of your 360-degree shot or a mind blowing 360-degree spherical video that’ll trick your Facebook friends into thinking you traveled with a full production crew when really, you just held up a tiny camera. Score!

Speaking of size, Rylo may be teeny-tiny, but boy is it powerful. The video camera features cinematic stabilization, allowing you to capture steady footage while doing rigorous things like chasing your dog or enjoying a spot of speed boating. Plus, it’s made of durable aluminum so it can brave the elements with you.

Now, if all of the above hasn’t convinced you to hit "add to cart" yet, then how about this: You can edit the footage straight from your smartphone with their easy-to-use app — no more waiting until you get home to boot up your desktop. Edit from the car, the train, the hotel, the beach, the anywhere, and share your adventure with the world as soon as you want to.

To see the Rylo in action, watch the video above, and then head to amazon.com to shop it for $499 with free two-day shipping for Prime members.