They’re so organized.

By Tanya Ghahremani
January 12, 2020
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Shoe Cube Duo Scuba Navy Tout
Credit: Courtesy of Paravel

I’m ashamed to say that when I began traveling frequently, I would often drop my shoes inside a plastic grocery bag and stuff them anywhere in my suitcase that they would fit. Yes, I would rarely have the right amount of room for my shoes, and yes, it would often end with my shoes getting crushed beyond belief. But I didn’t know any better — and I certainly didn’t know that there are dedicated travel packing cubes for shoes out there.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that my life changed upon discovering them. I’ve since used a few different brands — some from Amazon, one from Target, others from elsewhere — but none have been as effective, as aesthetically pleasing, or simply as great as the Paravel Shoe Cube Duo.

I purchased the packing cubes in summer 2019, so I’ve used them for a few months now. Every time, they’ve kept my shoes intact, neatly organized, and totally separated from the other items in my suitcase (in other words, the dirty soles of the shoes can’t touch my clean clothes). When used with other packing cubes in your suitcase, you’ll simply have to worry about assembling the cubes, rather than each individual item of clothing, in the best fashion.

I often travel with a pair of flats, sneakers, and boots in my suitcase (this is in addition to the boots I usually wear on the airplane). Paravel’s Shoe Cube Duo, as its name suggests, comes with two packing cubes: one medium, one large. With the amount of space offered in each, I can easily fit all of these shoes in the packing cubes. I even have room for a pair of slippers, if I want.

The set comes in four colors: sage green, a striking black, bright red, and deep navy. I have the navy color, and find it goes well with the rest of my travel gear — although most of the time it’s tucked inside my suitcase, so I’m the only one seeing it.

Shoe Cube Duo Scuba Navy
Credit: Courtesy of Paravel

To buy:, $55

Material-wise, the shoe cubes are tough enough to withstand everything from pointy heels to water spills. They’re made from Paravel’s tough Negative Nylon, which itself is constructed from recycled plastic bottles. (Each cube is made of about seven recycled plastic bottles.) Over the top, the cubes have a window view, so you can see exactly what shoes you’ve packed.

A bonus hack: When I’m not traveling, I use them as shoe storage under my bed. They’re perfectly sized to protect my shoes even outside my suitcase.

The cube duo is only $55, which is a relative steal considering that you get two spacious, well-made containers. You can check it out at Paravel.

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