It’ll help with both muscle recovery and hydration.

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MOBOT Firecracker 18-Ounce Foam Roller Water Bottle Tout
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

I’m a sucker for any two-in-one product I can get my hands on while I’m traveling. A travel dispenser bottle that holds multiple liquids in it at once? Gimme. A duffel bag that also has a secret pocket for shoes? Yes, yes, yes.

The MOBOT Firecracker foam roller water bottle falls right into this category. It’s a foam roller and reusable water bottle hybrid, which means it’s deeply useful while you’re on the road for multiple reasons (hydration, easing sore muscles) along with being easy to pack.

If a foam roller water bottle looks like something someone living in the year 3020 would have in their travel arsenal, that’s because it’s an original concept from MOBOT — you won’t see a recovery tool like this anywhere else. It was created as a way to promote sustainability and the importance of muscle recovery, and was the first of its kind when it hit the market in 2013.

The bottle is made out of recycled stainless steel, while the foam roller portion around the outside of the bottle is made from a nontoxic EVA foam. These two materials together allow the MOBOT Firecracker to support up to 350 lbs when it’s used as a foam roller, as well as hold either iced or hot drinks. (Pro-tip: You can vary the temperature of the drink in the bottle depending on if you want a soothing, heated rollout or a refreshing icy one.)

This one holds 18 ounces of liquid, but there are larger options (a 40 ounce and a 27 ounce) if you want a bigger foam roller, or to make less trips to the water fountain. It’s worth noting that the smaller size of the Firecracker bottle makes it ideal for rolling out those tiny, hard-to-reach muscles and areas that larger foam rollers may not be able to get to.

MOBOT Firecracker 18-Ounce Foam Roller Water Bottle
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

To buy:, $40

Not to mention, a foam roller is a pretty useful item to have around when you’re traveling. Whether you’re spending long periods of time sitting down while you’re in transit to your destination or are doing a ton of walking while sightseeing in a new city, soothing your muscles with a foam roller will help them stretch out and recover much faster.

And the benefits of this bottle, of course, are that you simply don’t have to worry about packing both a water bottle and a foam roller when you’re traveling — so you can leave that suitcase space for more important things, like another pair of shoes.

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