And you can even monogram each one.

By Madison Alcedo
June 23, 2019
Courtesy of Leatherology

Traveling in 2019 means you shouldn’t have to worry about tangled charger cords and especially tangled headphones (that’s where our favorite wireless headphones come in handy). Since basically everything you travel with these days requires a charger — i.e. smart watches, travel mirrors, and even sunglasses that play music — there’s a lot more potential for all those cords to get tangled up in your carry-on bag. Luckily, we’ve found a chic solution that will fancy your organizing tendencies.

While you might know Leatherology for its well-designed bags, the brand also specializes in other super helpful travel accessories that you never knew you needed. And trust us, once you start using them to keep you more organized while on the go, you’ll never forget to pack them again.

Our latest go-to product from Leatherology is the Cord Wrap Set, which is only $33 and includes two full-grain leather wraps that are perfect for keeping charger cords tangle-free. The wraps are equipped with magnets, so they are super simple to use, and you can even add a custom monogram to each one for an additional $10. The wraps come in both large and small versions so that you can wrangle all of your cords no matter their size — from small headphones to thicker laptop chargers.

Available in 12 different colorways in the same buttery leather that Leatherology is known for, this cord wrap set makes a great gift, or you can stick to buying several for yourself for your next adventure. To stay organized no matter how long or far you travel, these small but mighty cord wraps will soon be at the top of your packing checklist.

Leatherology Cord Wrap Set

Courtesy of Leatherology

To buy: leatherology, $33