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Fatboy Lamzac Original Inflatable Lounger on the beach
Credit: Mariah Tyler

We’ve all been there: scrolling through Instagram laughing at memes, becoming mesmerized by videos that are oddly satisfying but seem entirely impossible. This is where I found myself last summer when I came across a video of a guy using the wind to inflate a tube of fabric and then instantly enjoying said tube to lounge about.

I immediately got my hands on a Fatboy Lamzac inflatable lounger because I had so many questions, the biggest one being, how can comfort be so easily attained with just a tube of fabric? I was skeptical, yet hopeful.

It did not take long for me to fall in love with this inflatable, packable lounger sack. If there was a possibility my day would lead to a bit of time outside, I took it with me. We spent several weekends at the beach together; I got a lot of stares from what I can only assume were envious onlookers because while they were laying in the dirty sand, I was living the life on a cushion of air. Without any effort at all, I successfully convinced my friends they needed this in their lives.

Gone are the days of a rickety, rusty folding chair where you still have to sit upright. This inflatable allows you to fully recline, or sit up and share with a close friend. The Fatboy, as I so endearingly call it, comes in a bag so you can tote it around on your shoulder. It is incredibly lightweight and the fabric is easily cleaned. The range of colors and prints makes this a fun opportunity for your family or friend group to create an almost rainbow land raft (better than a unicorn float, in my opinion).

Fatboy Lamzac Original Inflatable Lounger
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The Fatboy Lamzac lounger is a true essential for every chill summer moment.

To buy: amazon.com, $39.99