On your next trip, leave the full-size products at home.

By Hillary Maglin
February 14, 2020
Courtesy of Amazon

Nothing sends a vacation or business trip into disarray like an overstuffed, disorganized suitcase. Not only do you run the risk of losing items and having liquids or gels spill all over your clothes, but odds are, a bag that’s bursting at the seams is also bound to be heavy and slow you down. One way to keep things in their place while simultaneously lightening the load is to trade in your toiletry bottles for one compact, carry-all gadget: the Original High Fiver Palette by Pak.

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com, $39

The palette is designed to simplify travel. Instead of packing big, bulky bottles of liquids like face wash, moisturizer, serums, hair gel, oils, and so on, the Original High Fiver allows you to stow a week-or-so’s worth of essentials in your luggage — all in one handy-dandy place. With five leak-resistant silicone wells large enough to hold .17 oz each, you can pack five different products, and eliminate a handful of those heavy bottles or containers from your suitcase.

Now, reading over that last sentence, you may be feeling a bit skeptical — .17 oz does sound pretty minuscule. But think about it this way: most airlines restrict liquids to small, 3.4 oz containers. And the likelihood you’ve ever used all 3.4 ounces of a product on a week-long jaunt are slim to none. Plus, each of the Original High Fiver’s wells are made of squishy “press up” silicone, which makes it easy to sop up every last drop of product.

So, on your next trip, forego the full-size products that’ll only weigh you down. Pick up the Original High Fiver Palette by Pak here — and thank us later.

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