The Best Luggage Tags of 2022

The sleek Travelambo Leather Luggage Tag Set is our favorite.

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Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon, Hermes, and Tile

There's nothing worse than waiting to spot your suitcase in a sea of similar-looking bags after a long flight. The last thing you want to do is accidentally grab someone else's luggage or have some other bleary-eyed traveler take yours.

That's exactly where luggage tags come in: the small but mighty travel accessory helps ensure you'll easily be able to find and identify your luggage on the baggage claim carousel and guarantees it can be returned to you if it does wind up getting lost.

Our favorite luggage tag to recommend, the Travelambo Leather Luggage Tag Set, is a sturdy, reliable pick with design options and a price that'll please any traveler. But, since there are plenty of quality products to choose from, we've rounded up more of the best luggage tags on the market for all types of travelers and specific needs. From high-end, French-made, and monogrammed luggage tags to budget-friendly options and even multi-purpose tags with built-in portable batteries, there really is a tag to suit every traveler.

T+L's Top Picks

Best Overall: Travelambo Leather Luggage Tag Set

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon

Why We Love It: Sturdy leather construction and a variety of stand-out colors make this affordable luggage tag an excellent option for frequent flyers and casual vacationers alike.

What to Consider: The privacy cover might get bent or curl with heavy use.

The Travelambo Leather Luggage Tag Set is popular among frequent travelers, and it's easy to see why. It's a reliable, made-to-last luggage tag with all the most crucial features, but you can add your own personal touch to the universally practical accessory. The budget-friendly design comes in over 28 different colors and patterns to best suit your particular style (and make it easy to spot on crowded luggage carousels). We're fans of the sunflower and glitter-covered prints, but it also comes in plenty of unassuming colors like black, deep gray, and coffee.

The card that's included for your contact details — just in case — is double-sided so you can add multiple addresses if need be. There's also a privacy screen built-in to the sturdy, leather-like design to protect your personal information. This luggage tag set also stands out by featuring a buckle closure strap that provides a much more secure adhesion than a typical rubber or plastic wrap-around strap.

Best Printed: Getaway Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon

Also available at

Why We Love It: This printed tag is ultra-bold and unique, which not only adds a little something extra to your luggage but also makes it impossible to miss on the baggage carousel.

What to Consider: The tag is slightly larger than average luggage tags and might look out of place on smaller carry-on roller bags.

Crafted using an ultra-durable leatherette material and eye-catching brass hardware, this colorful luggage tag from is an excellent option for anyone looking to add a little zest to their existing suitcase set. The tropical-inspired tag collection was designed by artist Helen Dealtry and typography artist Katy Jones and features a variety of different prints and quotes. If "mental vacation" or "weekends are forever" sounds like your mantra, they've got you covered. Between the vibrant colors and cheeky sayings, it's probably safe to say you won't have any issues spotting your suitcase at baggage claim.

Best Leather: Royce New York Leather Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon

Also available at Royce

Why We Love It: This elegant luggage tag is crafted with high quality and durable full-grain leather for a sophisticated, sturdy design.

What to Consider: Its premium material comes with a high price tag to match.

This luggage tag from Royce New York was made using high-quality, full-grain American leather to ensure you'll get the most possible use out of the tag without worrying about it getting banged up while in transit. The refined tag comes in six aesthetically-pleasing colors that are designed to match most neutral-toned luggage sets. A built-in metal buckle ensures your tag will stay securely fastened to your luggage, even throughout multiple layovers and rides around the baggage carousel. Royce New York also provides a free monogram service should you want to hot stamp your initials onto your luggage tag for an added dose of sophistication.

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Best Silicone: Kate Spade New York Women's Off We Go Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon

Why We Love It: You can't help but crack a smile when looking at this fabulously glitter-emblazoned silicone luggage tag.

What to Consider: The strap is very thin and could potentially snap if handled roughly.

The Kate Spade New York brand knows exactly how to design and produce accessories that are at the intersection of colorfully cheeky and glamorously chic — and this silicone luggage tag is no exception. The multi-color glitter design will add personality to just about any suitcase or duffel bag while the built-in paper ID card insert allows you to jot down all of your details before securing them safely behind the transparent screen. The budget-friendly price point also makes this colorful tag an excellent option for gifting to bridesmaids for destination bachelorette parties or weddings.

Best Value: Sodsay Baggage ID Label Tags

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon

Why We Love It: You don't have to drop a ton of cash to get a recognizable and durable luggage tag — and this affordable silicone tag is proof of that.

What to Consider: The paper ID card can be hard to wiggle in and out of the tag.

Let's face it: checking luggage at the airport is always going to feel a little risky. You don't know exactly what shape your suitcase is going to be in when it comes shooting out of the baggage carousel at arrivals, which makes adding anything overly expensive to your cargo a little risky. Thankfully, you don't need to spend more than a couple of dollars on a luggage tag if you don't want to. This neon-hued plastic luggage tag set is bendable and strong — but the best part is that it costs only $3 per tag and offers the same vibrancy and convenience as a more expensive option.

Best Designer: Hermès Endless Road Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Hermes

Why We Love It: This premium luggage tag is basically the Rolls-Royce of travel accessories thanks to the high-end calfskin leather and hand-made French craftsmanship.

What to Consider: It costs more than most rolling luggage sets.

Hermès is well-known for its high-end and premium-priced leather goods — which is why it's our top pick in terms of the best designer luggage tag. This gorgeous "bleu de prusse" luggage tag was handcrafted in France using a combination of three different signature Hermès leathers: togo and swift calfskin and taurillon clemence leather. The striking blue luggage tag also features heavy duty palladium plated hardware on the buckle, which means that if you do choose to check a suitcase with this luggage tag, you can be sure it'll remain intact and in great shape once you pick it up at arrivals.

Best Monogrammed: Mark & Graham Leather Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Mark & Graham

Why We Love It: This luggage tag comes with an elegant leather privacy cover to keep your details hidden out of sight.

What to Consider: The tag buckle is a little short compared to other options.

The Mark & Graham Leather Luggage Tag is an excellent option for travelers who like to personalize and customize every aspect of their travel experience, from itinerary to airport accessories. The pebbled-leather tag is available in nine colors and includes a variety of options for customizing and personalizing. There are twelve font and color combinations to choose from, and you can heat-stamp up to three letters per luggage tag. We also love that the luggage tag comes with a built-in privacy cover that not only adds to the sophisticated design but also helps you avoid airing your contact details all over the airport.

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Best for Minimalist Travelers: Away The Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Away

Why We Love It: You can upgrade this elegant pebbled leather design from Away with a monogram.

What to Consider: The strap attachment might be too short for larger luggage sets.

The Away Luggage Tag is made from a textured pebbled leather and features a very subtle privacy cover for concealing your contact information while on the go. The elegant and hyper-minimal design includes a subtle metal buckle and is available in the same classic colors as other Away products — from deep evergreen to soft blush pink — which makes it a great option for those looking for a matching monochromatic luggage set. We also love that bespoke-minded shoppers can have their personal monogram added to the exterior of the luggage tag for an additional $10 fee.

Best for Finding Your Luggage Quickly: Tumi Accents Kit

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Tumi

Why We Love It: This handy kit comes with a bunch of identifiers, giving you much more than just a single luggage tag.

What to Consider: The luggage tag is a little flimsy and might get squished while in transit.

Locating an all black suitcase in a sea of all black suitcases spinning around the baggage carousel can be a huge headache — and sometimes a standalone luggage tag won't be enough to spot your gear quickly and efficiently. Thankfully, luggage experts at Tumi have come up with a full luggage identifying kit that'll make your suitcase stick out like a sore thumb (but in a very good way). The Tumi Accents Kit includes a basic luggage tag as well as bright handle wraps, zipper pull ties, and matching monogram patches that'll make it easy to spot your gear from a mile away.

Best for Families: Mifflin Assorted Luggage Tag Set

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon

Why We Love It: This luggage tag set comes in a whole spectrum of bright colors and is made from a tear-resistant PVC material that'll easily withstand dozens of flights.

What to Consider: The ID cards are a little small and might be tricky for those with large handwriting.

If there's one thing a family vacation can always use, it's an extra helping hand. This family pack of luggage tags is conveniently equipped with six unique neon pieces for assigning a specific color to everyone's bag, so no suitcase gets left behind. The brightly hued design is great for fast recognition while the built-in water resistant ID cards make it easy to jot down key information. The budget-friendly luggage tag set also includes a durable silicone strap that makes it easy and convenient to loop around large rolling luggage or duffle bags without worrying about the tag snapping or snagging while in transit.

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Best With Privacy Cover: Toughergun Leather Instrument Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon

Why We Love It: This durable design is ultra minimal and sophisticated.

What to Consider: The company logo takes away from the overall minimalist design.

Looking for a luggage tag that doesn't air your personal information all over the airport? This leather-like luggage tag was designed to conceal personal information at all times and looks more like an elegant accessory than a practical ID tag. The minimal baggage tag is available in sixteen colors, including bright mustard yellow and deep burgundy, and also features a heavy-duty flexible steel metal loop that ensures your tag won't snap or come undone while on the go. Travelers will also love that the oversized hidden ID tag offers ample room for personal information so you won't have to cram your details into a teeny-tiny tag.

Best With Tracker: Tile Pro

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Tile

Why We Love It: This small smart tracker is easy to pop on your suitcase for peace of mind.

What to Consider: The device will only stay charged for one year before the battery will need to be replaced.

There's absolutely nothing worse than watching the baggage carousel come to an end only to realize your luggage is not coming out. Whether you have multiple layovers or you were bumped to a different flight, losing your luggage is an unfortunately common part of the travel experience — but, using the "last known location" feature available on the Tile app, a Tile Pro will help you keep track of your luggage even when the airline might not know exactly where it got to. This smart tracking device can easily be clipped to your suitcase or tucked inside of the front pocket for ease of use and convenience.

Best With Charger: Calpak Portable Charger Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Calpak

Why We Love It: This multi-purpose luggage tag is super compact.

What to Consider: The TSA encourages travelers to keep portable chargers in their carry-on luggage.

Finding an available charging outlet when you need one at the airport is nearly impossible — which is why having a portable charger on hand is such a vital packing essential. The Calpak Portable Charger Luggage Tag ensures you'll never be without ample juice while at the airport thanks to the compact 2500 mAh power bank (which is about enough to give your smartphone one full charge). The multi-purpose luggage tag also includes a hidden slot for adding personal information while the glossy leather design provides a touch of flair that'll make identifying your luggage super simple.

Most Durable: Talonport Indestructible Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon

Also available at Talonport

Why We Love It: The heavy-duty stainless steel exterior luggage tag comes with both leather and metal strap options.

What to Consider: The contact cards can sometimes shake loose due to the wide-set stainless steel design.

Travelers looking for a virtually indestructible luggage tag that'll last for decades to come should consider the Talonport Indestructible Luggage Tag. As the name suggests, the heavy-duty stainless steel baggage tag is made to handle everything from inclimate weather to rough handling without getting banged up or damaged in the process. The included contact cards come in a variety of bold hues that will increase visibility on the baggage carousel, and you can opt to use either the included leather or metal straps. We also like that the tag is designed to only display your name rather than the other more sensitive and personal contact information.

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Best Disney: American Tourister Disney Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
Courtesy of Amazon

Also available at American Tourister and Macy's

Why We Love It: This cheeky collaboration features a handful of modern and retro Disney-inspired designs that add color and whimsy to any suitcase.

What to Consider: The plastic contact card covering could be sturdier.

Why not take a little bit of the happiest place on Earth with you everywhere you go? There are plenty of different Disney-inspired luggage tags on the market, but this collection from travel expert American Tourister is going to be your best bet in terms of convenience and durability. The modern and retro designs range from classic Mickey Mouse to Cinderella and even the Cheshire Cat while the durable rubber material ensures you won't have to worry about your luggage tag snapping or getting bent while on the go. The built-in leather-like strap adds a little extra sophistication to the otherwise whimsical design while also helping your luggage tag stay firmly in place on your suitcase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information should I put on a luggage tag?

The amount of information you choose to disclose on your luggage tag is up to you and how comfortable you feel having said information circulating in the airport. That said, it'll be most helpful to ensure you include your first and last name or initial, your email address, and your phone number. It's not required or suggested to write your home address for security purposes.

Where should I attach a luggage tag?

You'll want to attach a luggage tag on the top handle of every piece of luggage you're planning to check. Some travelers also choose to attach a luggage tag to their carry-on in case they end up having to store it far away from their seat.

Tips for Buying a Luggage Tag

Choose something recognizable

One of the major benefits of attaching a luggage tag to your suitcase is that it makes it a whole lot easier to spot at the baggage claim. As such, you'll want to consider picking something that is bright-hued or unique enough to easily identify your luggage as it spins around the carousel.

Durability is key

We've all had a brand new piece of luggage spit out of the baggage claim with stains and bangs that weren't there when we checked it in. Selecting a durable luggage tag will ensure that you won't have to constantly replace or repair your tags as they get tousled from country to country.

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