This $16 Packing Hack Will Help You Fit Everything You Need Into a Single Carry-on

They're even better at saving space than packing cubes — and cheaper, too.

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Packing Hack
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While we all know just how genius those popular vacuum-powered, space-saving bags can be when it comes to storage, moving, and travel, they're not always practical. Sure, you can free up some extra room when packing your bags at home, but how are you supposed to do the same without a vacuum once you reach your destination? The answer: Use these no-vacuum alternatives instead.

Amazon shoppers swear by these reusable roll-up compression bags when it comes to saving space in your suitcase. The $16 storage bags can reduce the footprint of most items down by 80 percent, freeing up more room in your baggage, and also protecting pieces from moisture, insects, dust, and odors. Just imagine how much more you'll be able to pack neatly and securely. Plus, they're even cheaper than packing cubes.

Hibag 12 Travel Compression Bags
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, from $16

Each bag is reinforced with several layers of strong and protective sealing that can withstand just about anything your items may come in contact with. Give the space savers a gentle roll — no vacuum or pump required — and you'll see both the bag and your items shrink down to an easily packable piece. Rolling is fast and takes just a few seconds.

Over 400 shoppers gave them a perfect review and claim they're even easier than those vacuum-powered ones, too. "I've bought many different brands of vacuum bags and none of them stand up to these. In the past, I've always had to struggle to close the cap and not let any air out — in fact, it's always been a two-person job. But not this time, I did the suctioning of air alone and it did not struggle to put the cap on. This is a great product and if you are hesitating to buy — don't. Plus, the price is amazing."

"Freaking awesome," another reviewed chimed in. "I'm planning a camping trip over the 4th of July, [and] the most bothersome issue is packing sheets, blankets, towels, clothing, etc. These bags have reduced that bulk down immensely. Plus, being in sealed plastic, these won't get wet traveling."

Shoppers love the 4.2-star space savers for travel, but also recommend them for moving and seasonal storage. "I purchased the Hibag premium space saver bags for a move, [and] I am very happy with the bags especially for the price," one reviewer wrote. "I was able to put in more clothes than recommended and the bags stayed sealed tight for two months [while] being moved from storage. [They're] very good bags that can take a little wear."

And if you do want to use them for a variety of storage needs, you can invest in the brand's $28 combo set, which features 20 bags in several sizes — including the popular travel bags. We have a feeling you'll love them for your closet and attic storage just as much as globetrotting.

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