It’s compact and designed for all-over hydration.

By Christie Calucchia
October 29, 2019
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Cocokind My Matcha All-Over Moisture Stick
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

No one knows what to pack better than flight attendants. When your job takes place in a metal tube traveling through the air at 35,000 feet, you quickly learn which items you absolutely need in your carry-on (and which can be left at home) — including skincare products.

It’s no secret that airplane cabin conditions can lead to dehydration. The special filtration system used in planes may create a clean environment, but it also dehumidifies the air, which can dry out your skin. So how can you deal with this unfortunate side effect of travel? According to Delta flight attendant Alyssa Aquino, the secret to maintaining moisturized, hydrated skin while flying is the My Matcha All-Over Moisture Stick from Cocokind.

No larger than a standard tube of chapstick, the handy moisturizer can fit in any carry-on or personal item you bring on board. It’s made with just three natural ingredients — coconut oil, beeswax, and matcha tea powder — to deliver deep hydration without harsh chemicals or a laundry list of ingredients. Plus, at just $22 for a pack of three from Amazon, the price can’t be beat.

Aquino uses the stick on her lips, underneath her eyes, and anywhere else on her face that needs an extra boost of hydration while flying. Although it looks like chapstick, you can apply the moisturizer to any dry areas of skin. It’s one of the few travel essentials Aquino says she never flies without — and she’s not the only person who loves the hydrating stick. The product is so popular, in fact, it has earned a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Anthropologie and a 4.4-star rating on Amazon based on customer reviews. Shoppers love how it doubles as a lip balm and all-over moisturizer, and say it keeps their skin seriously hydrated.

“I use this on my lips every night when I’m doing my skin care routine and it helps so much, I no longer have dry lips,” one Anthropologie reviewer wrote. Another called it a “game-changer” and said, “I use this every single night under my eyes and on my lips. [It] keeps everything so hydrated.”

One Amazon shopper even said they turn to the moisturizing stick for just about every skin concern. “Love this stuff!! I have very chapped lips, and it's great for repair. It's also been kind of my go-to if I have a skin concern — flakiness, irritation, or anything I'm not sure how to treat,” they wrote.

Head to Amazon or Anthropologie to shop the flight attendant-approved skincare essential before you’re next trip.

Cocokind My Matcha All-Over Moisture Stick
Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie

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