These Sauce and Fry Holders Have Been a Game-changing Duo on My Family Road Trips

A neat way to dip your nuggets in your favorite sauce and access your fries. 

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Sauce and Fry Holders
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Road trips tend to be filled with stops at your favorite fast-food drive-throughs and in-car dining. And as fun as digging into your cartons of crispy chicken nuggets and perfectly-salted fries may be, it can be equally as messy when you're working with such limited space. You may have found yourself uncomfortably balancing your food on a dashboard or your lap, or trying to prop up your fries by stuffing them into a cup holder, or your interior door's grab handle. That's why these sauce holders and fry holders make for the ultimate game-changing duo on road trips. They grant you easy access to your favorite sauces and fries, and allow you to eat comfortably and neatly in your car.

My family and I have been on various road trips together, and one thing you should know about my family is that no matter how pressed we are for time, we never skip a meal and love a good snack. So, we've spent plenty of time eating in our car. Another thing you should know about my family is that we are a clumsy bunch, incredibly lacking in grace and coordination. There have been several instances in which we've watched in despair as a carton of beautifully golden fries plummeted to the ground and scattered across the car floor, or a sauce packet flopped onto the ground and left a stain. But on our most recent car excursions, we've been relying on Fries on the Fly Car French Fry Holders and Saucemoto Dip Clips for a more organized and mess-free eating experience.

Using both the sauce and fry holder is incredibly easy. The sauce holders clip onto the vents of your car and rotate to lock into the place, allowing them to fit different types of vents and angles. They can fit most types of sauce cartons too, whether they are small, large, or round. However, the shape and size will determine if you place your sauce into the clips vertically, horizontally, or centered. And if you stop at a drive-through that gives you packets instead of cartons, do not fret, because the Saucemoto Dip Clips come with sauce cups you can empty those packets into — they're reusable and fit longways style into the clips.

Sauce and Fry Holders
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The fry holder fits into most standard cupholders in your car. All you have to do is slide the Fries on the Fly Car French Fry Holder into your cup holder, and then slide your fries into the fry holder. Unlike when you try to squeeze your fries into the cup holder itself, this fry holder is designed to fit the shape of most fry cartons, so you won't risk squishing or damaging the carton. It holds the fries snuggly too, so unlike when you try to balance them elsewhere in your car, you can rest easy knowing your fries won't tip over. Plus, since the fry holder elevates your fries above the cup holder rim, it grants you easier access to your favorite salty snack.

Sauce and Fry Holders
Courtesy of Amazon

To, $14

If you're someone who loves a good road trip, the Saucemoto Dip Clips and Fries on the Fly Car French Fry Holders are the ultimate way to upgrade your in-car dining experience.

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