Biking, Beer, and Audiobooks: Here's What Traveling With Hugh Jackman Looks Like

According to the actor, Guinness does, in fact, taste different in Ireland.

Hugh Jackman at Montblanc's launch event for the new MB 01 Smart Headphones
. Photo: Courtesy of Montblanc

When it comes to traveling in style, you don't have to look much further than the "Greatest Showman" himself: Hugh Jackman. The Tony-, Grammy-, and Emmy-winner is known not only for his acting and singing chops, but also for his air of dapper sophistication no matter where in the world he's jet-setting off to — which, if you ask us, is exactly what makes his longtime friendship and brand ambassadorship with luxury goods and travel brand Montblanc so fitting.

Travel + Leisure sat down with Jackman at the launch event for Montblanc's new ultra-comfy, travel-ready MB 01 Smart Headphones, where we chatted about the items he doesn't travel without, his favorite way to explore new cities, and why Guinness is better in Ireland.

Travel + Leisure: What's unique about these new headphones? What do you like about them?

Hugh Jackman: "The sound is amazing. I mean, the noise-cancelling is great, but they are actually just the best sound I've ever heard. And I'm into sound obviously with music and with movies. When I'm on a plane, there's nothing worse than bad sound, but for me, they feel beautiful, the leather is amazing, and the sound is just the best I've ever heard."

What do you plan on using them to listen to?

"I definitely listen to podcasts. I'm a little more into audiobooks, I like to listen to books when I'm on a plane. And I download some [films and TV shows] that I really want to see, and music obviously."

What type of music do you typically listen to?

"I like classical or soundtracks when I'm on a flight, because I want to try to relax and calm myself so I can sleep as much as I can. The last one I think [I listened to]? The Mission, I love that soundtrack."

You're a brand ambassador and longtime friend of Montblanc. What are some of your favorite Montblanc products to travel with?

"Definitely the pen, definitely the watch, belts, and now the headphones... I'm going to Australia. I'll be taking [the headphones]. That's 24 hours I'll be listening to them. But I kind of love all their stuff. Their wallet, which I don't have right now because I'm an actor, I don't have to carry money with me! [laughs] But I take that wherever I go. I've got the passport holder, and I love their suitcase. Their hard-covered suitcase is amazing. It's actually legally able to be taken on as hand luggage, which is great because it sort of looks slightly big for hand luggage, but it's fine. And that's all I need so I don't have to check. It's amazing."

Montblanc MB 01 Smart Headphones on display at launch event
courtesy of Montblanc

Where have you traveled recently? What was the most memorable place?

"So I just did a world tour, which is the first time I've ever done that, and I'm gonna say Ireland, because I've always wanted to go and I've never been there. Plus, the audiences in Ireland are kind of amazing. So I'll say Ireland. Dublin."

If someone were to tell you they were traveling to Dublin for the first time, what's one thing you'd say they must do while they're there?

"You must have a Guinness. I like Guinness, I have Guinness all over the world. And they always say it tastes different in Dublin."

Does it?

"It does. But my main tip for people traveling is you gotta get out. Like, I ride a bike everywhere or I'll go for a jog. The idea of being in a hotel gym while I'm traveling? I just want to go, 'What the…' What are you doing? Just go for a walk. I like to get out and walk wherever I am, and just get around. Bikes are the best because you get to see a lot more."

You live in New York City, and you'll be staying put here for a while since you're beginning your run in The Music Man on Broadway this fall. What's your favorite thing to do in the city?

"The theater. The theater's my favorite. I just saw The Inheritance which I think is one of the best plays I've ever seen. And I just saw West Side Story last week, which I thought was astonishing. That's certainly the best West Side Story I've ever seen, and I've seen a bunch."

What other projects are you working on this year?

"I'm doing The Music Man, and that's it. I'm sort of in early, early rehearsals for that. Apart from that, I went straight to a film after the world tour, so I'm having a little bit of a break."

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