These handy sprays will keep your clothes crease-free while you travel.
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Picture it: You've just spent hours on a plane, and you finally arrive at your destination. After spending all that time in transit, you want to change into some fresh clothes before you start exploring the new locale, only to open your suitcase and find your clothing is plagued with wrinkles and now you have to spend time ironing an outfit. We've all been there, but thankfully there is a way to get rid of creases fast without dealing with an appliance.

Wrinkle-release sprays are specially formulated to relax the fabric's fibers, allowing you to smooth out any creases. There are dozens of wrinkle sprays on the market, but like most products, some work much better than others. So to help you avoid spending money on an option that doesn't work or one that isn't suited for your wardrobe, I personally tested each wrinkle-release spray on the list to see how well they work on different fabrics.

As someone who always travels with a mini steamer, I honestly didn't have high hopes for these sprays but was pleasantly surprised by the results. In fact, they work so well I haven't ironed or steamed anything in weeks, and here's the kicker — I'm actually replacing my trusty travel steamer with one of these handy sprays on my next trip.

Every spray on this list removes wrinkles quickly, but some also help refresh fabrics and get rid of static, while others are infused with fresh scents that make dirty clothes smell freshly laundered. Keep reading to see which wrinkle-release spray best suits your needs, then snag one for yourself.

These are the best wrinkle-release sprays to shop:

Best for Dry-clean Only: Downy Wrinkle-releaser Plus

Downy Wrinkle-Releaser Plus
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Ever the multitasker, this wrinkle-release spray by Downy also works as an odor eliminator, fabric refresher, and static cling remover. It leaves clothes feeling incredibly soft and smelling like they're fresh out of the laundry, which is always ideal. The first time I used the spray was on a cotton sweatshirt riddled with deep creases and wrinkles that I pulled from the middle of my closet. I spritzed the spray over the top and smoothed out the fabric with my hands, and even the biggest creases came out right away.

While the spray worked wonders on every item of clothing I tested it on, it does leave fabrics slightly damp and takes a few minutes to fully dry. (I would recommend budgeting extra time when using it.) But something that makes up for that? This easy-to-use spray works on dry-clean-only fabrics, so you can get a few more wears out of each piece before you have to head to the cleaners — which is especially important when you're away from home.

To buy:, $10 for three bottles

Best Eco-friendly Option: The Laundress Crease Release Classic

The Laundress Crease Release Classic
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

I was already a fan of The Laundress's line of eco-friendly products, so when I found out the brand also produces a wrinkle-release spray, I knew I had to try it. The cruelty-free spray is made with nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free natural materials — so you never have to worry about it irritating sensitive skin.

The spray worked on a variety of fabrics that I tested including cotton, wool, and silk. It dried each material quickly and left them looking fresh and crease-free. I loved the spray's luxe scent, which is a mix of lily of the valley, jasmine, sweet musk, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus. Plus, the fact that you can use the spray to eliminate wrinkles from heavier home fabrics (think curtains and couches) is a nice bonus.

To buy:, $14 (Originally $16)

Best for Easy Use: Grove Collaborative Wrinkle-release Spray

white spray bottle of wrinkle release spray
Credit: Courtesy of Grove Collaborative

This Grove Collaborative wrinkle-release spray was hands-down the easiest to apply thanks to its user-friendly pump bottle. On a weekend trip, I pulled a wrinkled linen dress out of my suitcase and thought I'd definitely have to follow up the spray with an iron or steamer, but to my surprise, the paraben-free spray fixed my creased frock within seconds.

I loved the fact that each bottle was made from 80 percent post-consumer recycled material, and the fragrance-free spray is leaping bunny certified — meaning it meets the gold standard in cruelty-free household products. But it's not recommended for use on silk, rayon, or 100 percent polyester, so if those fabrics make up the majority of your wardrobe, it might not be the best option for you.

To buy:, $5

Best Scents: Real Simple Clean Wrinkle-release Spray

Real Simple Clean Wrinkle-Release Spray
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The Real Simple Clean line is known for producing high-quality household products that are made from natural, plant-based ingredients, and it shows in its wrinkle-release spray. The spray worked quickly and effectively on a wide variety of clothing options in my closet, from lightweight cotton tees to heavier wool sweaters.

There are three sprays to choose from, including the brand's unscented wrinkle-release spray and its citrus scent. But my favorite option is the essential oil-infused lavender spray, as it left my clothes with a light floral scent. In fact, I loved it so much, I already have the scented spray packed in my toiletry bag, so I can bring it on my next trip.

To buy:, $15 for three bottles

Best for Men: Frey Wrinkle Releaser

Frey Wrinkle Releaser
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The laundry line FREY was launched with the goal of producing clothing care products tailored for men. The brand's wrinkle-release spray removed creases quickly from all the items I tested it on, but it worked particularly well on clothing items made from cotton. The spray has a nice musk smell to it, with notes of cedarwood, oakmoss, and amber in it, that reminded me of a nice men's cologne.

It comes in a handy two-ounce size that is easy to store in your Dopp kit or toiletry bag to help fight wrinkles while you're on the go. While the small size may not sound like you'll get a lot of product, you actually get 325 sprays out of each tiny bottle. What's more? The company donates 10 percent of its net profits from each sale to its Wash for Wash program that helps clean the clothing of people in need.

To buy:, $19 for two bottles

Best Everyday Option: Magic Wrinkle Releaser

Magic Wrinkle Releaser
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Just like hairspray, this wrinkle-releaser from Magic comes in a 10-ounce aerosol can. When I first sprayed the product, it left my clothes feeling very damp, so I was shocked to see that my clothes were dry and wrinkle-free within seconds. It is by far the fastest spray I tested. One caveat: I accidentally sprayed some of the product on my hand the first time I used it, and it left behind a tacky, sticky feeling. So be sure to be careful when spraying it.

Unlike the others on this list, it doesn't come in a convenient travel size, but it is an excellent everyday option to use at home or to pack when you're checking a bag. Because it works and dries so quickly, this is the option I've been using every morning as I'm rushing to get ready.

To buy:, $27 for four cans

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