The 13 Best Winter Gloves of 2023

The warm and moisture-wicking Icebreaker Unisex Quantum Gloves are our top pick.

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The Best Winter Gloves

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You definitely need a good jacket, hat, and boots when heading outside in the winter. But to elevate your comfort and enjoyment level, your hands and fingers should be warm too.

Of course, everyone's idea of the perfect cold-weather gloves is different. For some, it's about layered insulation and waterproofness for protection in the snow. And for others, freedom of movement and the ability to text and answer calls are top priorities.

To help you narrow down your options, we researched and tested standout pairs for men and women. Our top picks include buttery leather, cozy fleece, and high-tech water-repellent designs. But if we could only pick one pair, we'd go with Icebreaker Unisex Quantum Gloves. These wool gloves are naturally insulating and odor-resistant with inherent moisture-wicking abilities, and the touchscreen fingertips allow you to use your phone when you're out and about.

Best Overall

Icebreaker Unisex Merino Quantum Gloves

Icebreaker Unisex Quantum Gloves


Why We Love It
  • Icebreaker’s slim-fit Quantum Gloves are naturally warm and insulating with sweat-wicking abilities and handy touchscreen fingertips.

What to Consider
  • They aren't waterproof, but the wool helps wick away moisture.

If you ask us, Icebreaker makes the best winter gloves. The brand's Quantum Gloves are woven from merino wool, a naturally warm and insulating material with sweat-wicking abilities. This type of ultra-soft, non-itchy wool also helps prevent you from overheating and even resists odors.

These gloves have some lycra woven in for stretchiness and a snug fit, plus suede on the palms for a better grip. Touchscreen fingertips allow you to text, answer calls, and take photos of your winter adventures. They also have handy clips to make sure they stay together when you store or pack them.

Icebreaker's ultra-versatile gloves can be worn on a cold-weather sightseeing trip, while hiking, running errands, or during a winter run. We like that they're machine-washable, but they're not dryer-friendly, so you'll want to lay them flat and allow them to air-dry. Though they might not be ideal for skiing or other snow sports, you can layer them under waterproof shells.

Price at time of publish: $50

The Details: Merino wool, lycra, suede, polyester, polyurethane

Best Budget

Ozero Genuine Deerskin and Fleece Winter Gloves

Ozero Genuine Deerskin and Fleece Winter Gloves


Why We Love It
  • These affordable gloves have genuine suede palms and insulation technology that locks in warmth without adding bulk.

What to Consider
  • They aren't machine-washable and are water-resistant but not waterproof.

On a budget? These wallet-friendly gloves from Ozero are an excellent choice. Made primarily of soft polar fleece, they have deerskin suede palms and cotton linings with Heatlok foam insulation. According to the brand, the Heatlok material creates a thermal barrier to lock in warmth without adding bulk. This helps your hands and fingers stay warm, even in below-freezing temps. Elastic wrists also help seal in the heat.

These unisex gloves come in small through extra-large to accommodate men's and women's hands of all sizes. They're windproof and water-resistant but not 100-percent waterproof. With this in mind, they aren't machine-washable, but you can carefully hand-wash them as needed.

Price at time of publish: $22

The Details: Fleece, suede, cotton, Heatlok foam | Water-resistant

Best Splurge

Canada Goose Leather Rib Luxe Glove

Canada Goose Leather Rib Luxe Glove


Why We Love It
  • These sleek, splurge-worthy gloves are made of buttery-soft sheepskin, with brushed linings and touchscreen-compatible fingertips.

What to Consider
  • These are a women's style, but the brand makes similar gloves for men.

If you're willing to shell out a little more for the perfect pair of winter gloves, Canada Goose won't disappoint. As the name suggests, the brand's Leather Rib Luxe Gloves are made of buttery-soft sheepskin leather and feature brushed fabric linings, plus elastic ribbed cuffs that lock in warmth and keep drafts out.

While these gloves aren't waterproof, leather has some natural water resistance. Like leather shoes, you can expect them to get softer over time and conform to the shape of your hands. They're also touchscreen-compatible, so you can use your smartphone without taking them off. This particular style is designed for women, but Canada Goose makes similar leather gloves for men.

Price at time of publish: $175

The Details: Leather, brushed fabric

Best Fleece

REI Co-op Men's Fleece Gloves

REI Co-op Men's Fleece Gloves


Why We Love It
  • Made of Polartec fleece, these gloves are flexible and lightweight yet exceptionally cozy.

What to Consider
  • They're water-resistant but not entirely waterproof.

We also like these gloves from REI. They're made of Polartec fleece, which is woven from polyester sourced from recycled plastic water bottles, and feature grippy faux-suede palms. The combination of materials is comfortable, flexible, insulating, and endlessly cozy without making your hands overheat.

These gloves also have adjustable cuffs at the wrists to trap in warmth and help them stay in place, plus touchscreen fingertips for on-the-go texting and photos. They're sized for men's hands, but REI makes the same style for women. Other than that, we should note that the gloves are water-resistant but not completely waterproof and call for hand-washing.

Price at time of publish: $30

The Details: Fleece, faux suede | Water-resistant

Best Leather

L.L. Bean Women's Deerskin Glove

L.L.Bean Women's Deerskin Glove


Why We Love It
  • These full-grain leather gloves are soft and flexible yet rugged and durable, with a water-resistant coating to keep your hands dry in inclement weather.

What to Consider
  • The brand recommends having a leather specialist dry-clean them.

For those partial to genuine leather, we recommend L.L.Bean. These gloves are crafted from full-grain deerskin, with plush shearling cuffs and Thinsulate insulation. The Thinsulate component is a super thin yet durable layer that keeps your hands and fingers consistently warm, even when the material gets wet.

But moisture shouldn't be too much of a concern, as these gloves are treated for water resistance. They also have elastic wrists to help keep the cold out while providing a snug fit. Leather is one of the most durable glove materials, standing up to daily wear and tear, softening over time, and molding to the shape of your hands. Still, the brand suggests getting them professionally cleaned by a leather specialist. This is a women's pair, but L.L.Bean has men's deerskin gloves as well.

Price at time of publish: $99

The Details: Leather, shearling, Thinsulate insulation | Water-resistant

Best Heated

Ororo Battery Powered Heated Gloves

Ororo Battery Powered Heated Gloves


Why We Love It
  • Ororo Heated Gloves stay consistently warm for up to eight hours, and both the shells and linings are touchscreen-compatible.

What to Consider
  • The shells are somewhat bulky, though you can wear the liners separately.

These gloves heated quickly and kept our hands reliably warm when we tried them firsthand, even when submerged in a bucket of ice. With polyester shells, down-alternative insulation, and fleece linings, they're comfortably soft, stretchy, and flexible. The shells are a little bulky, but you can wear the heated liners on their own.

Also, both the shells and liners are touchscreen-compatible, so you can use your phone without taking them off. These gloves run on rechargeable batteries that last up to eight hours on a full charge. They're not machine-washable, but you can clean them by hand as needed — just make sure to take out the battery packs first. The price is a little steep for gloves. But considering the heating component, we think they're well worth the investment, especially if you plan to hit the slopes, go on a winter hike, or spend long hours outside in the snow.

Price at time of publish: $150

The Details: Polyester, down-alternative, silica gel, carbon fiber | Waterproof

Best Touchscreen

The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves

The North Face Women’s Etip Recycled Glove


Why We Love It
  • All five fingers are touchscreen-compatible, and they're designed to match the natural shape of your relaxed hand.

What to Consider
  • These gloves aren't waterproof or as warm as more insulated pairs.

The North Face Etip Gloves are made with over 90 percent recycled polyester, plus elastane for stretch and flexibility. They have fleece palms with UR-powered conductors, meaning all five fingers have touchscreen compatibility. In other words, you won't have to take off your gloves to use your phone, whether you're texting, mapping your route, using a translation app, or snapping pictures while sightseeing.

What's more, these winter gloves feature Radiametric Articulation technology, which essentially means they're designed to match the natural contours of your relaxed hand. They also have textured silicone on the fingers and palms for added grip. Just a heads up, Etip Gloves aren't waterproof and may not be as warm as insulated pairs.

Price at time of publish: $45

The Details: Polyester, elastane, fleece, silicone

Best for Skiing

Swany X-Cell Men's Gloves

Swany X-Cell Men's Gloves


Why We Love It
  • Swany X-cell Gloves have a waterproof coating and reliable seals that stand up to the elements while keeping your hands warm and dry.

What to Consider
  • The thick insulation could be overkill in some ski environments.

Planning to hit the slopes? Out of all the ski gloves we tested, Swany was the best. Made of nubuck leather with a waterproof coating and special insulation technology, this pair stands up to the elements while keeping your hands comfortably warm and dry. When we held them under running water, not a single drop seeped through the seals.

With stretchy wrists and cinch-cord cuffs, these cold-weather gloves boast a perfectly snug, customized fit. They even have little zippered pockets for stashing hand warmers or other small items. The price is undoubtedly steep, but we think they're worth the investment for dedicated skiers, and you can count on them to last through many seasons. This is a men's ski glove, but Swany also carries the same pair for women.

Price at time of publish: $170

The Details: Nubuck leather, insulation system, fabric | Waterproof

Best for Running

Lululemon Women's Run for It All Lined Gloves

Lululemon Women's Run for It All Lined Gloves


Why We Love It
  • These sporty-chic gloves are stretchy and water-repellent with insulating technology and tech-friendly fingerprints.

What to Consider
  • They only come in black and aren't machine-washable.

If you ask us, Lululemon makes the best winter running gloves. This sleek, slim-fit pair is made of a windproof fabric, with soft, stretchy fleece linings and PrimaLoft insulation. The PrimaLoft technology promises to stay warm, even if it gets wet — but the water-repellent exteriors prevent this from happening in the first place.

These lightweight yet cozy gloves have grippy silicone palms and reflective details for added safety. Not only that, but the tech-friendly fingertips allow you to easily play podcasts or change songs while pounding the pavement. We also like that the gloves snap together to prevent them from getting separated when you pack or store them in the off-season. While they only come in black, the dark hue has an endlessly chic, sporty vibe. This is a women's style, but Lululemon also has similar running gloves for men.

Price at time of publish: $62

The Details: Fabric, PrimaLoft insulation, fleece | Waterproof

Best for Extreme Cold

Black Diamond Guide Gloves

Black Diamond Guide Gloves

Black Diamond

Why We Love It
  • Guide Gloves have water-repellent shells, naturally insulating wool liners, and PrimaLoft insulation to keep your hands warm and dry in below-freezing conditions.

What to Consider
  • They come in unisex sizes, so keep that in mind when ordering.

If you're heading to a climate with below-freezing temps, Black Diamond is your best bet. Guide Gloves are the brand's warmest style. They have waterproof nylon shells and GoreTex inserts, a breathable fabric that repels liquid to keep your hands dry. And that's not all: Boiled wool liners act as a natural thermal layer, while PrimaLoft insulation keeps you toasty-warm for hours on end in snowy or icy weather. 

These gloves also have goat leather palms to provide a secure grip in harsh mountain conditions. They're somewhat bulky, but you can always remove the shells and wear the liners separately. This is a unisex style, so keep that in mind when selecting a size.

Price at time of publish: $180

The Details: Nylon, PrimaLoft insulation, Gore-Tex, wool, fleece, leather | Waterproof

Best Waterproof

Outdoor Research Illuminator Sensor Gloves

Outdoor Research Illuminator Sensor Gloves


Why We Love It
  • Illuminator Sensor Gloves have water-repellent shells and Venetia inserts to keep your hands dry in any weather.

What to Consider
  • These are technically men's gloves, but they run slightly small, so the smaller sizes may fit women's hands.

Outdoor Research makes our favorite waterproof pair. Illuminator Sensor Gloves have water-repellent nylon shells with grippy goat leather palms and stretchy spandex for enhanced flexibility. They also feature cozy PrimaLoft insulation and Venetia fabric inserts for additional waterproofing technology.

As the name implies, these gloves have fingerprint sensors to allow full use of your smartphone while spending time outside. Though this is technically a men's style, it runs slightly small, so the smaller sizes might be a good fit for some women's hands. The hook-and-loop closures also provide a more custom, secure fit while helping to keep cold air out.

Price at time of publish: $67

The Details: Nylon, spandex, leather, PrimaLoft insulation, Venetia fabric | Waterproof

Best Windproof

Arc'teryx Venta Gloves

Arc'teryx Venta Gloves


Why We Love It
  • Venta Gloves boasts breathable windproof protection and a water-repellent finish, plus grippy palms and touchscreen finger sensors.

What to Consider
  • The touchscreen sensors may wear off within a few months.

Arc'teryx Venta Gloves are made of Windstopper nylon. A cousin of Gore-Tex, the fabric is laminated to provide windproof protection without sacrificing breathability. While the material isn't waterproof in and of itself, the shells have a DWR (durable water-repellent) finish that prevents moisture from penetrating the windproof surface.

These gloves also have slim-fitting cuffs that help keep cold air out, super-soft brushed fleece linings, and leather palms for a flexible grip. What's more, dexterity is built into the finger design to enhance your grasp, and touchscreen sensors on the forefinger and thumb allow you to use your phone without taking them off.

Price at time of publish: $109

The Details: Windstopper nylon, leather, fleece | Waterproof

Best Lightweight

Smartwool Unisex Liner Glove

Smartwool Liner Gloves


Why We Love It
  • These slim-fit liners are comfortably stretchy with sweat-wicking and temperature-regulating properties.

What to Consider
  • They aren't waterproof and may not be as warm as insulated pairs.

Prefer a lighter-weight design? Smartwool Liner Gloves have your name on them. Knitted from a blend of polyester and merino wool, they're stretchy and flexible with natural moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating abilities. The wool component also helps prevent odors.

Not only that, but the touchscreen-compatible thumb and index finger allow you to swipe, click, and type on your smartphone. These slim-fitting gloves are easy to slip on and off, and thanks to the stretchy design, they fit most men's and women's hands. They aren't waterproof and aren't as warm as insulated pairs, but you can wear the liners underneath thicker shells. All things considered, the price is more than reasonable.

Price at time of publish: $38

The Details: Polyester, merino wool, elastane

Tips for Buying Winter Gloves

Choose materials designed for warmth and wicking moisture

When buying winter gloves, opt for warm, breathable materials that wick away moisture, such as wool or polyester. Look out for tech-enhanced materials too. For instance, PrimaLoft insulation stays warm even when it gets wet, Thinsulate is a lightweight insulator, GoreTex repels liquids, and Windstopper fabric provides windproof protection.

Consider waterproofness

You should also consider waterproofness, as it'll be much harder for your hands to stay warm if they get wet. Waterproof gloves can be made of various materials, including nylon or leather, and usually have a water-repellent coating and sealed seams to keep moisture out. Venetia fabric can provide an additional built-in layer of waterproof protection.

Buy for your intended activity

You're wise to consider your intended activity when buying a pair of winter gloves. Will you be hitting the slopes, going on a snowy hike, running in windy conditions, or just strolling the sidewalks on a sightseeing excursion? Bulkier, insulated gloves are a must-have for snow sports and below-freezing temperatures, whereas lightweight, slim-fitting designs will work for most other activities.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How should winter gloves fit?

    Gloves should fit like shoes and boots. This means there should be roughly a quarter-inch of material at the end of each outstretched finger. This will give you the most flexibility and a solid grip without feeling too tight or overly loose.

  • How do you wash gloves?

    The proper way to wash gloves depends on the material and overall design. Some are conveniently machine-washable, and others call for hand-washing, but either way, you'll usually want to lay them flat to air-dry. Additionally, some higher-end leather pairs should only be professionally cleaned. We recommend checking the brand's care instructions before washing your gloves to prevent damage.

  • Are mittens or gloves warmer?

    Mittens tend to be a little warmer than gloves. Since your fingers are touching, they essentially share body heat and help keep each other warm rather than being individually covered in fabric. Having said that, the overall warmth of mittens or gloves really depends on the material and how insulated they are.

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