The 12 Best Travel Wraps, Ponchos, and Blanket Scarves of 2023

Our top pick is the Lafayette 148 Responsible Cashmere-wool Long Fringed Wrap.

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Best Travel Wraps

Rag & Bone / Ralph Lauren

Whether or not you trust your favorite airlines to wash and sterilize the blankets, or provide them at all these days, there’s nothing better than flying with your own blanket – space permitting. Traveling multiple times a month for work, I have plane comfort down to a science. This includes the throw I choose for each trip, which should be both plush and not too cumbersome. It’s even better when a blanket scarf or poncho adds stylish flair to that layer of coziness. A wrap that can go from economy plus to a 5-star dinner? Sold.

We’ve rounded up 12 picks that are sleek, easy to wear, and perfect for your winter travels. Our favorite is the Lafayette 148 New York Responsible Cashmere-wool Long Fringed Wrap as it beautifully tops off a statement-making travel outfit, and comes in a luxurious cashmere and wool blend that’s lightweight, too.

Here are the best travel wraps to shop right now:

Best Overall

Lafayette148 New York Responsible Cashmere-wool Long Fringed Wrap

Lafayette148 New York Responsible Cashmere-wool Long Fringed Wrap

Lafayette148 New York

Why We Love It
  • This fringed wrap not only makes you warm, it totally makes your travel look.

What to Consider
  • Though lightweight, the fringe adds little bulkiness, so it’s better to wear this versus pack it. 

This Lafayette 148 New York fringed wrap is a luxurious statement piece that will never go out of style. The leather-trimmed pin is inspired by those found on traditional kilts, which adds an air of worldliness that's perfect for your travels. Made of 95% reclaimed cashmere and 5% extra-fine Merino wool, our top pick is extremely soft, warm, and lightweight so it drapes perfectly over your shoulders without encumbering them. Pair it with leggings at the airport and you’ll still look elegant, or try it with a turtleneck and maxi for a chic dinner look.

Price at time of publish: $1,298

The Details: One Size | Reclaimed cashmere, Merino wool | 29 inches long (from center back), 10-inch fringe

Best Oversized

Polo Ralph Lauren Oversize Hybrid Poncho

Polo Ralph Lauren Oversize Hybrid Poncho

Ralph Lauren

Why We Love It
  • This piece blends the classic blanket-poncho style with the performance technicality of a down hood. 

What to Consider
  • If you want this wrap to double as a cozy blanket, the hood can get in the way.

This Ralph Lauren hybrid piece blends technical style and warmth as it’s a classic fringed poncho with a plush down-filled hood. In a sophisticated neutral plaid, the piece reads naturally elegant. Open at the front, this poncho self-ties with loops through the waist so there’s no need to worry about the belt straps dangling on the floor in a airplane lavatory. 

Price at time of publish: $798

The Details: XS/S and M/L | Wool (shell), nylon (hood and hood lining), duck down and duck feathers (fill) | 36.25 inches (back body length) and 46.5 inches (body width) for XS/S. 37.25 inches (back body length) and 50.5 inches (body width) for M/L 

Best Cashmere

White + Warren Cashmere Waffle Travel Wrap

White + Warren Cashmere Waffle Travel Wrap

White + Warren

Why We Love It
  • It can be worn as a scarf or a wrap, and easily triple as a travel blanket.

What to Consider
  • When washing or dry-cleaning, you don’t want to lose the airiness of this piece so be careful of shrinkage.

White + Warren is a go-to cashmere source for our editors, and the updated waffle texture of this wrap adds a touch of modernity to the travel staple. Debuting in 1999 and coming in over 1,000 colors, this cashmere travel wrap certainly has a cult following. It’s oversized enough that it can serve as a scarf, wrap, or even as a travel blanket. Its lightweight, straightforward shape makes for easy packability and the brand’s beautiful array of colors leaves the option to match a sweater to your wrap, or pick up a second in a different shade. 

Price at time of publish: $395

The Details: One Size | Cashmere | 81 x 36 inches

Best Machine-washable

Epsion’s Women’s Color Block Shawl Wrap

Epsion’s Women’s Color Block Shawl Wrap


Why We Love It
  • An acrylic and polyester blend makes this shawl wrap easily machine-washable – even better for frequent travel.

What to Consider
  • While it’s great for layering or wearing as a transitional piece, it’s not warm enough for harsher weather.

This Epsion Color Block shawl wrap offers you a cool style for an excellent price. Need a wrap for an upcoming trip? Want something that offers both wearability and style? This is a great piece to get as a travel shawl-introduction, or another option for the rotation. 

At 51 inches in length, this shawl can fit a variety of body types to become the perfect layering piece. Pair this over a lightweight sweater or even a full length coat to add style and dimension to winter staples.

Price at time of publish: $64

The Details: One Size | Acrylic, polyester | 51 x 59 inches

Best with Pockets

Rag & Bone Bomber Recycled Wool Poncho

Rag & Bone Bomber Recycled Wool Poncho

Rag & Bone

Why We Love It
  • We love the cool vibes of this bomber-jacket-inspired poncho.

What to Consider
  • This may overwhelm a smaller frame as it’s made of a thicker, more rigid wool for the shape.

As a cool bomber jacket combined with the comfort of a poncho, this Rag & Bone Bomber Recycled Wool Poncho hits the mark. The piece has a zippered pocket high up on the sleeve, so there’s no frenzy to find one in the endless lower folds of a traditional poncho. Inspired by aviator style and the functionality of bomber jackets, the poncho also has a bomber jacket collar and the brand’s signature leather key ring attached. Lastly, at 51 inches, this pick offers versatility for a variety of body types, and its wool material makes it a warmer option for layering.  

Price at time of publish: $450

The Details: One size | Recycled wool, wool | 57.75 x 51 inches

Best Patterned

Zara Limited Edition Patchwork Poncho

Zara Limited Edition Patchwork Poncho


Why We Love It
  • This colorful, woven poncho looks like it was actually procured on your travels.

What to Consider
  • Between the metal jacquard trim and the buckles, it won’t be the lightest item in your suitcase.

People will balk when you reveal that you got this item at Zara! This limited-edition, patchwork poncho is made up of three different, interwoven jacquard prints which give it a worldly, sophisticated vibe. The adjustable front closes with a ribbon-and-metal sash high on the waist for a kimono-like effect. The light quilting and luxurious, heavyweight jacquard adds a surprising amount of warmth, too.

Price at time of publish: $399

The Details: One size | Wool, polyester, viscose, cotton (shell), viscose (lining)

Best Padded

Mackage River Duvet Down Scarf

Mackage River Duvet Down Scarf

Saks Fifth Avenue

Why We Love It
  • Have you ever had those days where you want to throw on your duvet and head out? Here’s a chic, but just as cozy option. 

What to Consider
  • It can be a little bulky if solely acting as a scarf.

Canadian brand Mackage knows a thing or two about high performance gear in extreme temperatures as this scarf can easily take you from the airport to après-ski. At 13 by 77 inches, this true scarf is filled with duck and feather down plus weightless pillow padding for added comfort. Water-resistant Japanese ripstop borrows stylistic touches from the brand's performance tech. 

Pair this with a turtleneck and ski pants and make like you’re in St. Moritz, or slip it over your wool overcoat for a fun texture mix instead.

Price at time of publish: $290

The Details: One Size | Polyamide / nylon (exterior), Duck down, feathers (fill) | 13 x 77 inches

Best Budget

H&M Fringe-trimmed Poncho

H&M Fringe-trimmed Poncho


Why We Love It
  • The style for the price makes this an easy option to add to cart.

What to Consider
  • Lightweight and 100% acrylic, it is a stronger layering piece than standalone wrap.

This H&M fringe-trimmed poncho is an easy purchase right before a trip. Thicker than similarly priced competitors, this piece is a great wrap to slip over a puffer or a thin turtleneck. At 25.5 inches in length, it is not too overwhelming and, on average, hits right above the knee. The abstract geometric print on the super-soft fabric is easy to style, especially with a belt for a polished outfit topper.

Price at time of publish: $30

The Details: One size | Acrylic | 25.5 inches (from center back)

Best Chunky

Pucci Colorblock Wool Poncho

Pucci Colorblock Wool Poncho


Why We Love It
  • This chunky knit is warm and can double as a knit dress.

What to Consider
  • Arm split ponchos never allow for the best movement.

From a fashion house famed for its resort-evoking bold prints and patterns, this Pucci Colorblock Wool Poncho winterizes that iconic look. Made of 100% wool and hitting below the knee, this poncho will have you feeling like you’re perfectly wrapped in a super-stylish Snuggie alternative — and can even double as a dress with a slip underneath.

Pair with jeans for exploring the city on a daytime journey. But, be warned, the arms can make it difficult to maneuver some baggage. While a top-handle bag, rolling suitcase, and carefully placed crossbody could work, an over-the-shoulder tote would prove cumbersome with this style. 

Price at time of publish: $1,725

The Details: S, M, L | Wool

Best Cape

Elie Tahari Plaid Hooded Cape

Elie Tahari Plaid Hooded Cape

Elie Tahari

Why We Love It
  • This short and sporty hooded cape is perfect for city trekking.

What to Consider
  • Double-faced wool makes an ideal layering piece but the material isn’t immediately snuggly.

This vegan-leather-trimmed hooded cape is a lightweight, transitional piece perfect for travel. Coming in a shorter style, this cape reads sportier which makes it great for city trekking. The zip-up front makes this option easy to put on and take off in a hurry, and its pockets are the perfect size for securing a passport or train ticket. One of the most fun things about wearing a cape is the movement and the striped design of the double-faced interior has a beautiful pinstripe that plays peekaboo with the eye as you’re running through the airport. 

Price at time of publish: $648

The Details: XS/S and M/L | Wool, Polyester, Fiber | 34.25 inches long (from back shoulder to hem) for XS/S

Best Reversible

Kate Spade Spade Flower Reversible Ruana

Kate Spade Spade Flower Reversible Ruana

Kate Spade

Why We Love It
  • This reversible style gives you stylish options with less to pack.

What to Consider
  • Cozy and lightweight for the plane, it’s more a scarf in terms of warmth.

We love the versatility of having two looks with one piece with this Kate Spade Spade Flower Reversible Ruana. The “spade flower” makes for a unique, yet easily wearable print, and you truly can’t go wrong with a classic black wrap on the reverse. Made in an acrylic and wool blend, this fabric drapes easily, providing comfort and movement. And, at 70 by 48 inches, it provides just enough coverage to be an excellent travel blanket, too. 

Price at time of publish: $148

The Details: One size | Acrylic, wool | 70 x 48 inches

Best Set

Naked Cashmere 4-piece Travel Set

Naked Cashmere 4-piece Travel Set

Naked Cashmere

Why We Love It
  • This luxury set is functional both on your travels and at home. 

What to Consider
  • At $525, this set is hardly inexpensive but would make a great gift.

A travel set is practically a must for a long-haul flight when any added comfort makes all the difference. This one consists of a cozy silk pillowcase and sleep mask (better for your skin than cotton and other harsher materials), and an 82-by-50-inch cashmere throw and matching cashmere socks. Easily foldable into the included bag, this lightweight cashmere throw can double as a throw on chillier evenings during your travels but is perfect as a blanket, too. Adding the included socks make for an even cozier flight as cabin temperatures drop.

Price at time of publish: $525

The Details: One size | Cashmere (throw and socks), silk (pillowcase and sleep mask) | 82 x 50 inches (throw)

Tips for Buying Your Travel Wrap

Choose materials carefully

First off, decide how heavy you want, and need, your travel wrap to be. Is it a gauzy throw for airplane cabin chill, or is it also going to double as a coat at your destination? You’ll find plenty of investment options in cashmere and wool but how you plan to wear the piece will influence what weight you’d prefer. For example, a double-faced wool would give you a more structured style, but if you’re looking for draping folds, we’d suggest a lightweight cashmere or viscose.

Know how you want to style it

Knowing how you want to style it makes all the difference in the style of travel wrap you buy. Do you want a poncho? A cape? A ruana? You might see all of these style names used seemingly interchangeably. 

While a cape is typically left open in the front, a true ruana is similar to a poncho but loomed into a square shape with a slit down the middle, making it easy for wrapping. (The ruana originated in the Andes mountains and the name means “land of blankets” in the native Chibcha language.) 

Now are you looking for something that’s primarily a wearable blanket or will you be using it as you would a coat by belting the waist? Heavier fabrics like chunky knits will keep you warmer but lightweight alternatives make for great styling as they're malleable as a wrap but thin enough to be twisted into a standard scarf, too.

Many years ago I had a ponte knit navy hooded cape, with a yellow trim. Military inspired, it was a beautiful statement piece that I wish I held on to, but due to where the arm slits were, I found it very uncomfortable and got rid of it. Wearability and comfort is key for this style.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I wear a blanket scarf?

    A common styling fear is “drowning” in the oversized material of a blanket scarf, wrap, or poncho which is why we recommend choosing shape and size proportions you can incorporate into your everyday look, and that fit your frame.

    Blanket scarves can be worn in a variety of ways from a casual wrap-and-throw (with one end tossed back over your shoulder) to a cascading waterfall effect (with both sides coming around your neck in the front). You can try pairing with a belt for a sophisticated look on chillier days in the office, too. 

    Get creative and cozy in the way that suits you, and look to popular brands like White + Warren’s which has its own styling tutorial.

  • How do I fold a blanket scarf?

    Some blanket scarfs have the excellent option to fold into themselves with a pocket making it perfect for storage. If that’s not the case with your piece, fold a blanket scarf in half in on itself, alternating horizontally and vertically for square or rectangle shapes, and in on itself into smaller triangles for triangular picks.

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