By Richelle Szypulski
October 23, 2018
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best travel iron steamer
Credit: Courtesy of Reliable

When you’re traveling for a vacation, a few stray wrinkles here and packing-induced creases there are really no big deal. But on a big business trip? You’ll want to look freshly pressed and polished to give the best possible impression in important meetings and presentations. And even when you travel with a garment bag, it’s tough to keep your clothes looking totally sharp.

To get that put-together executive look, you’ll typically need to use the hotel-provided iron for a touch-up after check-in. Or if you have more time, you could line every inch of hangable space in the bathroom with your garments and run a scorching hot shower for 20 minutes. Neither of those options is exactly snappy. And that's where this incredible travel iron comes in.

The palm-sized Ovo 150GT was released earlier this year by Reliable, a company that’s built its name on making high-quality irons, garment steamers, and sewing machines. It measures about 4 x 5 inches — approximately the size of an ostrich egg, hence the name — and weighs just 1.5 pounds. It looks like a mini iron, but it also functions as an impressively powerful steamer.

For me, it heated up fully in about 40-60 seconds, and the water tank gave a steady stream of steam for about 10 minutes before it needed a refill. On a cotton button-up shirt, it took about two minutes of steaming for the wrinkles to fall out and just a few more seconds to press the collar with the ceramic iron plate.

The case it comes with is heat-resistant, so if you have to pack up and go, you won’t need to wait for the iron to cool down first. And the best part? The technology enables it to do all of this without any spitting or leaking.

It's also important to note that the Ovo isn’t dual-voltage. If you plan to bring it to a country with a different voltage than the U.S. (which is 120V), you'll also need a step-down travel converter to be able to use it.

And I will say from experience that if you happen to get so excited by how well the Ovo works that you end up using it for 45 minutes straight, your hand might cramp from having to grip the edges. So it’s best applied in small doses.

Reliable Ovo 150GT Portable Steam Iron

ovo travel iron
Credit: Courtesy of Reliable

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