The Best Travel Blankets for Superbly Comfortable Trips

Away’s antimicrobial The Travel Blanket is packed with features that earned it our top spot.

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Away, L.L.Bean, and Amazon

When you’re taking a long flight, train, or road trip, it’s crucial to have the right blanket to keep you cozy and comfortable: it can be the difference between arriving at your destination fully rested and kicking off your trip cranky. There are tons of travel blankets out there, and which one is the best for you will depend on your specific needs. 

Maybe you need something extra-warm and waterproof because you love to camp. Perhaps you need a pet-friendly pick that won’t end up ripped or covered in hair. Frequent flyers should consider opting for a compact blanket that can easily be slipped into a carry-on. Our Best Overall blanket, Away’s The Travel Blanket, is perfect for a power nap or extended snooze in a variety of locales. It has plenty of storage pockets for valuables, pouches to keep your hands and feet toasty, and even buttons that attach your blanket to your neck pillow so it doesn’t fall onto the dirty floor. Regardless of your needs, we’ve got you covered with plenty of options for maximizing your comfort.

Here’s our breakdown of the best travel blankets:

Best Overall

Away The Travel Blanket

Away The Travel Blanket


Why We Love It: It’s covered by a one-year warranty, and the thermoregulation is perfect for unpredictable environments.

What to Consider:  At just over a pound, it’s not the best option for ultralight travelers.

Away has an excellent reputation when it comes to all of their products, so it shouldn’t be surprising that even their blankets are perfect for traveling. The Travel Blanket is lightweight and maintains a good temperature with the company’s thermoregulating technology. There are little pouches throughout the blanket to tuck your feet into for extra warmth in addition to snaps for connecting the blanket to a neck pillow so you don’t have to hold it. The blanket folds up really tiny and can stuff right into its carrying pouch that’ll fit seamlessly into your carry-on. Cleaning is easy thanks to its machine-washability, and the outer fabric is treated with an antimicrobial finish that might make you feel better about using it on busy trains and planes. No matter where you go, The Travel Blanket will make getting there snug and refreshing. 

Material: Cocona®, nylon | Dimensions: 69.5 x 44.5 x 0.25 inches | Weight: 1.05 pounds

Best Coverage

Layover™ Travel Blanket

Layover™ Travel Blanket


Why We Love It: It not only provides great comfort as a blanket, but the transformation into a pillow can really be a savior if you experience back pain during a long flight or car ride.

What to Consider: It’s expensive. 

At 6 feet long, this big blanket is the perfect way to be prepared for any long haul. The insulation ensures you’ll be toasty while you watch movies in the sky or curl up in the backseat during an extended car ride. It can easily pack up and even snaps together around your neck to prevent it from falling down. This blanket has pockets to secure your wallet, credit cards, and headphones while you rest. Plus, you can turn the blanket into a pillow by stuffing it into a zippered pocket, so your days of enduring a lengthy flight with no lumbar support are over. It’s roughly the size of a grapefruit when packed down, making it fit flawlessly into your carry-on. 

Material: Nylon | Dimensions: 72 x 42 inches | Weight: .77 pounds

Most Stylish

Zestt Organic Cotton Dreamsoft Travel Scarf

Zestt Organics The Dreamsoft Travel Scarf

Zestt Organics

Why We Love It: You can throw it on to wear while on the move or use it as a blanket for long trips.

What to Consider: It’s not technically a blanket, so coverage is a bit limited.

This is a bestseller for a reason. Zestt’s organic cotton travel scarf is not only a fashionable option to pair with your outfits when draped as a shawl, but you can also cozy up and use it as a blanket during a chilly flight. Since it’s not technically a blanket, you’ll have the benefit of not having to worry about shoving and twisting it back into a tiny suitcase pouch. Incredibly soft and gentle against the skin, it comes in a variety of beautiful colors that look just as good as they feel. Pick up a few to have on hand to match any look you throw together for your trip. You may expect the super snuggly material to be difficult to wash or need to be dry cleaned, but it is, in fact, machine-washable. 

 Material: 100 percent organic cotton | Dimensions: 28 x 78 inches | Weight: Not listed

Most Durable

Yeti Lowlands Blanket

Yeti Lowlands Blanket


Why We Love It: It can handle rugged treatment.

What to Consider: It’s not as soft and snuggly as other blankets on our list. 

The Yeti name is pretty much synonymous with durability. Their tough products are perfect for muddy outdoor situations, messy pets, and all kinds of elements. You can bring this blanket to the beach, drop it in the dirt, let your dog roll all over it, and then just throw it into the washing machine to make it look good as new. This all-terrain blanket is warm and waterproof, keeping you dry on soggy surfaces. It comes with stakes and stake loops to pin it to the ground and prevent sliding. 

Material: Polyester, rayon | Dimensions: 10.25 x 6.75 x 78.0 inches | Weight: 5.8 pounds

Most Compact

Matador Water-resistant Pocket Blanket

Matador Water Resistant Pocket Blanket


Why We Love It: It’s a solid, affordable basic option to have on hand.

What to Consider: It’s thin.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, pocket-sized option to keep you a little snug and warm during your next travel day or use as impromptu seating on the trail, a Matador Pocket Blanket is perfect. The blanket is created with a waterproof layer and rip-resistant fabric. To make sure it stays put on your resting spot, it comes with stakes, weighted corners, and sand pockets. It’s super lightweight — only 3.5 ounces — and it’s thin enough to fold and roll into a tiny carrying sack that’s about the size of your hand. Plus, it has special stitching that functions as instructions for folding it down to its most compact position possible. 

Material: Ripstop nylon | Dimensions: 44 x 28 inches | Weight: .21 pounds

Most Wearable Option

L.L. Bean Cozy Sherpa Wearable Throw

L.L. Bean Cozy Sherpa Wearable Throw

L.L. Bean

Why We Love It: It’s heavy enough to keep even people who always run cold cozy.

What to Consider: It’s one-size-fits all.

L.L. Bean takes the wearable option to the next level with this sweatshirt, blanket, and scarf put together into one toasty package. The sherpa wearable throw is basically a blanket with arm holes and a hood. If you’re looking to avoid having to stuff and refold the blanket back into a pouch, this is an ideal option. The wearable throw will keep you nice and warm throughout your travel day, with pockets to keep your hands snug or store any items you need to have quick access to. It comes in four versatile neutrals: black, gray, white, and tan.

 Material: 100 percent polyester sherpa | Dimensions: 58 x 60 inches | Weight: Not listed

Best for Camping

Alpine Ridge Outfitters Ultralight Down Camping Blanket

Alpine Ridge Outfitters Ultralight Down Camping Blanket


Why We Love It: It’s extremely durable. 

What to Consider: This blanket only comes in black.

For intense backpackers and camping enthusiasts, the Alpine Ridge Outfitters ultralight down camping blanket is the real deal. Considering the quality and functionality, the price is really reasonable, too. If you’re dealing with frigid weather and harsh winds while camping or winter hiking, this blanket will protect you. It’s also very easy to compress and take anywhere on the go. Tie-down clips are included in case you need to use it as a ground cover. In situations when you want to keep moving and need to warm up, it can actually be worn hands-free using the clips that are included so you can continue with your journey. Made of ethically-sourced down, this blanket was designed to keep you warm in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Material: Ripstop nylon, hydrophobic-treated down insulation | Dimensions: 80 x 54 inches | Weight: .9 pounds

Best Set with Pillow

The Company Store LaCrosse Travel Throw & Pillow Set

the company store LaCrosse Travel Throw & Pillow Set

The Company Store

Why We Love It: Having a whole sleep set with you is extremely convenient, especially for long-haul flights.

What to Consider: It’s definitely more to keep track of than just a blanket.

LaCrosse doesn’t just make another comfortable, chic blanket, but rather an entire portable sleep setup. The hypoallergenic down pillows and blanket in this set are perfect for keeping you relaxed and rested. When you’re done with the blanket, you can store it in its pouch, which also has a convenient strap for attaching it to your luggage. The set is incredibly soft and made of premium cotton, duck down, and ethically-sourced goose down. It all folds together for easy portability.

Material: Cotton twill, RDS-certified down and feathers | Dimensions: 60 x 40 inches | Weight: Not listed

Most Breathable

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket


Why We Love It: It’s quick-drying and moisture-wicking for sweaty sleepers.

What to Consider: There really aren’t any bells and whistles.

The Cocoon CoolMax Blanket is a great option for a reasonable price. The fabric is extremely lightweight and easy to fold down while being very breathable and moisture-wicking. This is the perfect item to have on the go if you’re looking for something thin and simple that won’t make you overheat. Think hot-weather travel where you want to feel cozy without toasty side effects. It’s machine-washable and comes in a variety of colors, including a vibrant green and a rich purple.

Material: Polyester blend | Dimensions: 70 x 55 inches | Weight: .68 pounds

Best for the Beach

Everlasting Comfort Sandproof Waterproof Beach Blanket

Everlasting Comfort Sandproof Waterproof Beach Blanket


Why We Love It: This massive blanket has room for everyone. 

What to Consider: It only comes in two patterns.

The Everlasting Comfort Large Beach Blanket is perfect for keeping sand off your body while soaking in the sun during an oceanside vacation. It’s able to fit a whopping 10 people so you can keep the beach party going. Sand and dirt easily slip off the microfiber polyester, keeping the blanket clean and dry. Stuff sand into the four corner pockets to keep the blanket from blowing away or use the stakes for even more security when the sea breeze picks up. Coming in at just about a pound and a half, it provides a lot of coverage and comfort while not taking up much space or weight in your luggage.

 Material: Microfiber, polyester | Dimensions: 128  x 108 inches | Weight:  1.5 pounds

Most Comforting

Puffer Hug (Adult Size Unisex)

Puffer Hug (Adult Size Unisex)

Puffer Hug

Why We Love It: It also comes in kids’ sizes. 

What to Consider: It does need to be spot-cleaned, hand-washed in cold water, and air-dried flat, so keep that in mind when cleaning the product.

For something in between a blanket and a scarf, check out the puffer hug. The shawl was specifically created to mimic the feeling of a hug. It’s warm and snug around your shoulders and neck. Although it’s not quite a blanket, it’s a great option for people looking to stay a little warm during their travels in addition to being a way for nervous flyers to find comfort. It has two deep pockets and comes in both child and adult sizes. 

Material: Nylon, polyester fleece | Dimensions:  71 x 15 inches | Weight: Not listed

Tips for Buying a Travel Blanket

Get the right material for your intended use

Travel blankets come in all sorts of different materials and choosing the wrong one can make your journey much less than ideal. If you expect to picnic or take hike breaks on damp ground, a blanket made of a waterproof fabric such as a tightly woven synthetic is essential. However, if you already have a tough time sleeping on planes, you’ll want to choose the softest and most comforting option out there. Temperature is also a consideration: a breathable material like polyester is best for warm-weather travel. 

Consider care needs

Hand-washing can be a real hassle if your travel blanket gets a lot of use, but it might just be worth it if you need the absolute coziest portable bedding possible. Decide what level of cleaning care you’re okay with before making your purchase, and always check the manufacturer’s washing instructions to make sure they’re compatible with your plans. If you think your travels have the potential to cause stains or water damage, factor that into the level of durability you choose as well. 

Look for extras that enhance convenience 

Pockets are perfect for flights when you don’t want to disturb your seatmate to rummage through your suitcase, while included sand stakes can be the cherry on top of your beach day. Whether you’re embarking on a no-frills hiking trip or preparing for a red eye, think carefully about how your blanket will fit into your travel routine. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I fold a travel blanket?

    It depends on the item, but most blankets come with a “stuff sack” to fold, roll, or stuff the blanket into after using it. The term came about because you essentially do just that: grab a corner and start stuffing. Some blankets also come with special instructions for making them as compact as possible. 

  • How do I wash a travel blanket?

    In general, look for blankets that you can machine wash for convenience. Traveling can pass a lot of germs around, so you’re probably going to want a blanket that you can wash with the rest of your clothes to keep clean. Always check the official wash instructions for your individual blanket before cleaning. 

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