The Best Travel Adapters and Converters

Epicka's Universal Travel Adapter should be a standard part of your travel kit.

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best travel adapters and converters
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Chances are, you're bringing some sort of electronic device with you on your world travels, whether that's your phone, laptop, or camera. Those devices will need to be charged during your trip, but not all outlets you encounter will be compatible with your electronics. In fact, there are 15 different types of sockets used globally. As such, you're probably going to need an adapter (and possibly a converter) to use your cables abroad.

We've picked the best travel adapters and converters for different needs, from high-power devices capable of charging at lightning speeds to converters able to handle energy-heavy tools like hair dryers and budget-friendly adapters that hit your basic power needs. Our favorite overall adapter is the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter because of its simple and lightweight design, various ports and plugs, and reasonable price. But if you're looking for something more specific, check out the other devices on our list.

Here's our breakdown of the best travel adapters and converters.

T+L's Top Picks

Best Overall

EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter



Why We Love It: This is an all-in-one adapter with an impressive six ports for charging.

What to Consider: It's not a converter, so it can't handle high-power items like hair dryers.

For world travelers who have simple charging needs — think phones, laptops, and camera batteries — this handy dandy device covers them all in a small, lightweight package. Despite its fairly diminutive size, this universal adapter has four retractable prongs, allowing use in more than 150 countries. It also maximizes its surface space well, as it's outfitted with six charging ports: one AC socket (which is also universal, meaning the four main types of prongs can be plugged into it), four USB, and one USB-C. As a bonus, the device comes in gray, rose gold, and white color options. From a tech standpoint, this is one of the more powerful devices out there for a small adapter — you can charge six devices at once at a reasonably high speed. That said, it's not a converter, so keep that in mind when charging certain devices. (If you plug in a low-voltage device into a high-voltage outlet without a converter, you'll fry the device.) You also can't use high-power electronics like hair dryers and electric razors with it, but the adapter's fuse is replaceable if you accidentally blow it, and it even comes with a spare.

Price at time of publish: $23

Converter: No | Ports: 1 AC socket, 4 USB, 1 USB-C | Prong type: US, EU, AU, UK | Weight: 5.1 ounces

Best Budget

BESTEK Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter

Travel Plug Adapter


Why We Love It: Despite being a budget-friendly device, this lightweight universal adapter features two AC sockets.

What to Consider: There are no USB or USB-C charging ports.

Adapters and converters have come way down in price over the years, but they can still put a dent in your budget. The Bestek Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter is one choice that will free up more cash to spend on meals and souvenirs. This compact universal adapter is one of the best bargains on the market — it has four prongs that cover the majority of the world's countries. And it has two AC sockets for dual charging, one with space for the grounding plug, one without. The only downside is that there are no USB or USB-C charging ports, so you'll need to pack one of those "bricks" to charge certain devices. Keep in mind that this is just an adapter, not a converter, and it's not compatible with high-power devices.

Price at time of publish: $12

Converter: No | Ports: 2 AC sockets | Prong type: US, EU, AU, UK | Weight: 4.2 ounces

Best High Speed

Zendure Passport Pro II

Zendure Universal Travel Adapter Passport Pro II
Zendure Passport Pro II.

Why We Love It: This is not just an adapter, but a high-power charging device with up to 61-watt output.

What to Consider: This is a pricier adapter, especially since it's not a converter.

Time is often of the essence on travels, and no one wants to sit around in a hotel room waiting for a phone or camera battery to charge. Enter the Zendure Passport II Pro, an extremely high-power adapter that has an output of 61 watts. That means you can charge an iPhone to 50 percent in just 30 minutes, or a 13-inch Macbook Pro in just two hours. Best of all, there are six charging ports: one AC socket, three USB, and two USB-C. If you're worried about blowing the fuse (reminder: this is not a converter), don't sweat it. The fuse auto-resets when it's overloaded, and it can do so up to 6,000 times before it needs to be replaced.

Price at time of publish: $76

Converter: No | Ports: 1 AC socket, 3 USB, 2 USB-C | Prong type: US, EU, AU, UK | Weight: 5.93 ounces

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Best Converter/Adapter Combo

Bonazza 2000W Voltage Converter Adapter

Voltage Converter Adapter


Why We Love It: It can be used with high-power devices like hair dryers.

What to Consider: You must remember to switch modes from adapter to converter before using a high-power device.

It's true that many hotels around the world provide hair dryers, but if you prefer to use your own styling tools, this adapter/converter combo is a must-have. Not only does it have four prong types to adapt to outlets all over the world, but it also can "step down" an outlet's voltage from 220-240 volts to 110-120 volts, making it safe to use with single-voltage, high-power devices like hair dryers, electric razors, and even a hot water kettle. The most important thing to remember is to flip the switch from adapter to converter mode if you're going to plug in one of those devices. On the downside, there's only one port on this device — a grounded AC socket.

Price at time of publish: $33

Converter: Yes | Ports: 1 AC socket | Prong type: US, EU, AU, UK | Weight: 5.4 ounces

Best for Macbooks

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

World Travel Adapter Kit


Why We Love It: It comes with seven AC plugs, each with different prongs to fit outlets around the world.

What to Consider: It is only compatible with Apple charging devices with "duckhead" removable prongs.

If you want to skip the universal adapter route for charging your Apple products, you're in luck: Apple has an adapter kit that works directly with its charging devices. (That way, you can save your precious ports on your universal adapter for other electronics that need charging!) The kit comes with seven separate prongs that are compatible with Apple chargers with removable "duckhead" prongs, including Macbook chargers. Simply swap the US prong with a prong for your destination, and you can plug your charger into the wall directly, no bulky adapter required. Just remember that this kit can only be used with duckhead chargers, not charging bricks with fixed prongs. And another reminder: all Macbook chargers are dual-voltage, meaning you never need a converter with them.

Price at time of publish: $29

Converter: No | Ports: N/A | Prong type: US, EU, AU, UK, CHN, KOR, BRA | Weight: 11.2 ounces

Best for Charging Multiple Devices at Once

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter

Travel Adapter and Converter


Why We Love It: It's an adapter/converter combo with seven charging ports.

What to Consider: It's a pretty bulky device, and you can't use high-power electronics with it.

If you're willing to sacrifice space in your suitcase for extra-capacity charging capabilities, this is the adapter/converter for you. It has an impressive three AC outlets and four USB ports with a total capacity of 250 watts, making charging multiple devices at once a breeze. Better yet, this is an adapter/converter combo with four prong types, which means you can use most devices with it — but not high-power ones like hair dryers. Still, it does have some pretty impressive tech specs, including surge and short-circuit protection. We also like that the EU plug comes with a short extension cord, which makes it easier to use the adapter/converter if the outlet is in an inconvenient location.

Price at time of publish: $40

Converter: Yes | Ports: 3 AC sockets, 4 USB | Prong type: US, EU, AU, UK | Weight: 1 pound

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Tips for Buying Travel Adapters and Converters

Research your destination's prong types and standard electrical outlet voltage

There are 15 different types of prongs used around the world, officially named by letters but often referred to by their country (i.e., US for Type A and Type B prongs, UK for Type G prongs). You'll want to make sure that you have the right adapter for your destination so that you're able to plug in your electronic devices. You should also check the standard voltage at your destination — it's usually 110-120 volts or 220-240 volts. If your destination has the same voltage as your home country, you probably don't need a converter. But if it differs, you might want to invest in one. (That said, many electronic devices have built-in converters these days.)

Make a list of all electronics you'll be using on your trip

Take inventory of the devices you plan on packing for your trip — this will help determine the type of adapter or converter you may want to purchase. For instance, if you have multiple devices that require AC sockets, you might want to use an adapter or converter with multiple AC sockets so you can charge them all at once. Similarly, if you have a number of devices that are charged via USB or USB-C, you might want to use adapters or converters with multiple ports. You should also take note of the voltages of all your devices, which factors into whether or not you'll need a converter instead of just an adapter.

Consider the size and weight of the adapter or converter

If you're packing light, you won't want to waste valuable luggage space with a bulky adapter or converter. Look for lightweight, streamlined products instead. But if you're planning on charging multiple devices, and you're checking a bag anyway, you can get away with a larger adapter or converter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an adapter and a converter?

An adapter allows you to plug one type of prong into a different type of socket. For instance, if your cord has a US-type prong, you'll need an adapter to be able to plug it into a UK-type socket. A converter, however, is a device that alters the voltage of an outlet to match the capacity of an electronic item being plugged in. In some countries, the standard is 110/120 volts, and in others, it's 220/240V volts. If you don't use a converter to sync your device with the voltage, you run the risk of frying your device.

How do I find out which adapter or converter I'll need in a country?

Visit a resource like World Standards or REI to find out the prong types used in certain countries. If your destination has a different prong type than your home country, you'll need an adapter. You'll also want to check the standard voltage of a country. If the voltage differs from that of your home country, you may need a converter. Fortunately, many electronic devices have built-in converters these days. Check your manufacturer's guide for all your electronics before purchasing a converter.

What is a universal adapter?

A universal adapter is an all-in-one device that allows the majority of prong types to be plugged into the majority of socket types. This is the best type of device for frequent travelers, as you won't need to worry about changing out the prongs on your adapter. It's all there for you, all the time!

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