Hoping to catch a wave during your next beach vacation, but not sure what to pack? We’ve got you covered with these awesome surf essentials.

By John Scarpinato
Updated March 07, 2018
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Andrew Hetherington
Courtesy of Quiksilver


Any surfer will tell you how essential it is to have a good pair of boardshorts, and Quiksilver sells quality options. The AG47 New Wave Bonded shorts are water repellent, made from recycled materials, and dry super quickly. Additionally, the stitchless seam technology prevents chafing to ensure extra comfort and more time in the water.

$125; buy it here

Courtesy of Greco


Perfect for beginner surfers, this board is light, fast, and ideal for those looking to transition to a shorter board. The wood stingers are also double reinforced and cured.

$350; buy it here

Courtesy of Amazon


Pictures or it didn’t happen, right? Whether you’re landing a frontside aerial or simply standing up for the first time, this GoPro mount attaches to the front or back of your board to document the action. The adhesive provides maximum holding strength, so you shouldn't worry about losing your camera.

$19.99; buy it here

Courtesy of MSW


Before heading to the beach, surfers first check the forecast. This app, available on both Apple and Android products, offers long-range surf forecasts for thousands of beaches throughout the world and provides information on surf size, swell height, wind strength, and more.

Free; Google Play or iTunes App Store

Courtesy of Dakine


Traveling to the beach with gear can be a bit cumbersome. This surf bag from DaKine makes the trek easier: it holds up to four boards, has internal padded dividers for protection, and wheels for easy transport.

$300; buy it here

Courtesy of Sticky Bumps


Traction pads and surf wax are the most popular tools to keep surfers from slipping off their boards. Sticky Bumps, a popular wax brand, has been creating quality wax since 1971. The Original Basecoat provides a great, durable base layer for any of the brand's other temperature-specific waxes.

$7; buy it here

Courtesy of Rusty


This board by Rusty is definitely not for beginners. It was designed to cover ground quickly and performs best with high waves. If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for speed, this is your board.

$715; buy it here

Courtesy of Punt Surf


Punt's traction pad provides an excellent grip for your back foot and fits most boards. The 3M marine-grade adhesive promises to be strong enough to keep the pad stuck to your board forever.

To buy: amazon.com; $36

Courtesy of O'Neil


Once the weather turns, you’ll be frantically searching of a quality wetsuit. This one from O’Neill is a quality entry-level suit and will keep you warm while catching even the most frigid waves.

$115; buy it here

Courtesy of Oakley


Complete the surfer look with these Oakley sunglasses. They’re lightweight, stress-resistant, and offer serious UV protection.

$120; buy it here

Courtesy of Pro-Lite


Some surfers use a leash to ensure they don’t lose their board after a fall. The Pro-Lite Free leashes—which attach to either your ankle or knee—come in multiple sizes and thicknesses, and feature stainless swivels to keep the cord spinning smoothly as you move around the board.

$29.95; buy it here

Courtesy of Quiksilver


Surf booties are crucial for rough and rocky beaches, as well as cold waters. Quiksilver's booties offer extra protection around your toes, and the bio-fleece thermal neoprene will keep feet warm and comfortable.

$69.95; buy it here