By Kim Duong
May 11, 2018
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Good news: Your search for the best luggage weight scale is over. Why’s that? Well, if more 3K top-rated customer reviews and a “#1 Best Seller” tag given by Amazon itself doesn’t solidify this product as a top digital luggage scale, then we don’t know what will.

Even seasoned travelers can admit that packing hacks will only get you so far. Sometimes, you just need to bring that extra pair (or two) of shoes. But luggage weight restrictions are getting stricter by the week, and there's no need to battle with the anxiety of not knowing whether you're over or under the weight limit.

Enter: Etekcity’s digital hanging luggage scale, which has everything you’d want in a handheld scale — strength to withstand 110 pounds, speed because ain’t nobody got time for lifting heavy luggage, and accuracy for, well, you know, not getting slapped with a fee at check-in.

But that’s not all. This luggage scale also comes with a thermometer temperature sensor to check if your luggage is in an ideal climate (something you probably never thought of before). It’s also small and light enough to pack for weighing your luggage on your way back. Oh, and it’s only $12.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $12

Moonstars13 agrees, writing in their customer review, “The option to weigh in metric or standard is great for ensuring that I am within the standards for any carrier or location. The option for temperature was a nice surprise as it was helpful in the room I was staying in ([I] found it to be much warmer than I felt).”

Frank E. Trinkle can’t get enough of it, writing in his five-star review, “I had a previous luggage scale that was a pain to use. I had to make sure that the strap went in one way in order to read the scale. But not this one! This is a simple design and I have confirmed dead-on accuracy. It is a nice feeling to know that when you show up at the ticket counter, the weight of your bag when they weigh it is exactly what this scale measured, as well. No bad surprises.”

Head to to shop the Etekcity digital hanging luggage scale for $12.