Shoppers even say the neck pillow can heal shoulder and neck pain, and it's $15 for a limited time.

By Claudia Fisher
November 29, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

While looking through our comprehensive round-up of the best travel pillows for every type of sleeper, I noticed one disappointing thing: Most are still full-priced despite today being Black Friday.

So when I found one on the list that’s marked down today, I had to share. BCOZZY’s chin-supporting neck pillow was already quite affordable, but now you can pick up the plush wrap-around accessory for 50 percent off.

BCOZZY touts this travel pillow as the ultimate chin supporter, preventing your head from falling forward as you sleep nestled in its wrap-around structure (thus eliminating the “bobble-head effect” so many of us deal with on crowded planes, trains, and buses). The head-stabilizing design is flexible enough to accommodate different sleep positions, and the flat back helps you keep a natural upright position when seated, too.

The markdown is an Amazon Lightning Deal, which means you have to act fast to take advantage of it because the discount won’t last all day. And the 3,300 Amazon shoppers who have given the travel pillow a perfect five-star review probably think it’s a good idea for you to act very, very fast on this one.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:; $15 (originally $30)

“I have [gone] through quite a few travel pillows as I travel a lot and I must say that this one tops them all by far,” one happy shopper wrote. “It goes with me everywhere! Not only do I sleep well when I sit for long hours during travel, my chin is in place, I'm not hurting my neck, it's a perfect replacement for my own pillow while I'm away, I just put it on the regular pillow and rest my head on it!”

The shopper goes on to explain another surprising benefit of the pillow, saying, “I had a knot in my shoulder blade that was shooting pain to my neck, I used this BCOZZY pillow as I would if I were traveling only I was laying down when I went to sleep with the pillow around my neck and the next day, to my huge surprise, my pain was almost completely gone.”

That reviewer isn’t the only one who uses the BCOZZY pillow at home. Another wrote that they use it “all the time for support, including in bed for sleeping.” Other superfans of the neck pillow say it’s “perfect for long flights” and that the “flexibility of how much support is needed makes this product wonderful.”

In addition to keeping you comfortable and secure, the travel pillow keeps you stress-free with how easy it is to clean and carry. Snap the BCOZZY accessory onto your bag when you’re on the move, and then toss the entire pillow into the washing machine when you get back.

Shop the half-off deal on BCOZZY’s travel pillow with patented neck and chin support for just $15 before the Lightning Deal ends — or worse, before it sells out.

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