Tangled cables, be gone.

By Madeline Diamond
November 12, 2019
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Electronics Organizer
Credit: Courtesy of Bagsmart

Staying organized while traveling is always a challenge, and having to keep track of a massive collection of tech accessories doesn't usually make the task any easier. Consolidating your electronics to a separate bag is a place to start if you want to improve your luggage organization game.

The Bagsmart Electronic Organizer is the top-rated product of its kind on Amazon, and it's no surprise why. With a durable and water repellent nylon molded case, you can rest assured knowing that your important cables and small devices will be protected against scratches, dust, and even accidental dropping.

Electronics Organizer
Say goodbye to tangled cords and keep all your tech accessories in one place with this convenient electronics organizer. To buy: amazon.com, $18
| Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com, $16

Ideal for the techie on the go, the case has specific compartments for different types of accessories, including slots for SD cards, mesh pouches for portable hard drives and USB drives, and elastic loops for cables.

Electronics Organizer
Credit: Courtesy of Bagsmart

Double zippers allow for easy access and the flat shape lets you easily store the case in a larger bag.

Amazon shoppers can't stop raving about this travel lifesaver. "This is an extremely useful little bag—with a bit of imagination, you can use it to store and carry an amazing number of charging cables and other small gadgets," one reviewer wrote.

Another shopper commented on the bag's convenient compact size. "My cables feel secure and even with almost every pouch filled it remains incredibly slim compared to others, which ended up feeling bulky and cumbersome."

Bagsmart offers a variety of sizes in its electronics organizers, as well as travel jewelry cases, duffel bags, and backpacks, all designed to keep your belongings safe and tidy in transit.