This $26 Cooling Blanket Will Keep You at the 'Perfect Sleep Temperature' When Traveling

 Hot sleepers say they bring it on every trip because they “can’t live without it,” and there’s a special on-site coupon that helps you save.

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AmyHomie Cooling Blanket, 100% Bamboo Blankets
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

When you're on the road, anything that reminds you of home is always welcomed. For many, that level of comfort is achieved with their favorite blanket. But if you're a hot sleeper or are pressed for space in your luggage, you most likely can't bring your go-to oversized,fuzzy throw blanket with you. Instead, you'll need something small and lightweight that won't add bulk or extra heat to your slumber.

According to Amazon shoppers, the AmyHomie Cooling Blanket checks off all of those boxes — and then some! The popular cooling throw blanket is made with natural bamboo fibers that are silky-smooth and cool-to-the-touch so you can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep, even on hot nights. And it's currently as little as $26 on Amazon when you use a special on-site coupon, so there's no better time to shop.

AmyHomie Cooling Blanket, 100% Bamboo Blankets
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, from $26 with on-site coupon (originally $27)

The blanket's lightweight construction also makes it incredibly breathable, which means it won't trap in heat when you're all snuggled up. With its enhanced air circulation also comes impressive moisture-wicking capabilities, which hot sleepers will definitely be thankful for.

It's available in three sizes: 59 inches by 79 inches, 79 inches by 91 inches, and 90 by 108 inches, which are priced starting at $27, $30, and $53, respectively, before discounts. But it's the smallest size that has earned a seal of approval from travelers in the form of an Amazon's Choice badge, since many say it's perfect for bringing along on car rides and weekend trips. Some have even used it on camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

AmyHomie Cooling Blanket, 100% Bamboo Blankets
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, from $27 with on-site coupon (originally $28)

"This blanket is a welcomed reprieve," wrote an Amazon shopper who describes themselves as a "furnace" when they sleep. "It keeps my temperature at a very comfortable level," they continued. Another hot sleeper said, "It's perfect. No more waking [up] with sweat and throwing the covers off of me to cool down." The reviewer also added that the blanket "moves with you," so you don't have to worry about feeling restricted throughout the night.

A third customer chimed in to share that they had the "most restful night ever" after buying the blanket: "It keeps me at the perfect sleep temperature. It's the Goldilocks of blankets. Not too cold, not too hot, but actually just right."

For travelers, the AmyHomie Cooling Blanket comes in handy for those that prefer bringing their own bedding to hotels. One shopper quipped, "I take it with me now when I travel because I can't live without it!" Another reviewer noted that it's "easy to pack in your luggage" and "easy to clean."

Whether you're trying to snooze on the road, in your bed, or on your friend's couch, switching to the AmyHomie Cooling Blanket will help you have a comfortable rest no matter where you are. Get one on Amazon for as little as $26 with an on-site coupon before it expires.

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