This Crew That Keeps Me Comfy on Breezy Beach Days Is Going to Be My New Fall Fashion Staple

My style must-have as someone who easily overheats.

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Photo: Courtesy of American Giant

I am someone who constantly and easily overheats. Even in the middle of those snowy Northeast winters which are so familiar to me, you'll be hard pressed to find me in anything with sleeves. I'm always in my go-to tank top and jacket combo, so I can easily remove the jacket when I get too warm. This can be a real hassle, especially when traveling, whether it be for a day trip or week-long getaway. Luckily, I've finally found a crewneck up to the challenge of keeping me cozy without causing me to overheat — this midweight crew by American Giant.

I spend a lot of my summer weekends hanging out on the Jersey Shore from early morning to night and, as to be expected, there is a ton of weather fluctuation on the coast. From 6 a.m. until 8 a.m., I've found it can get quite breezy, so I need something over my swimsuit that can warm me against the wind, but also won't cause me to sweat in the gentle, yet still present, heat of the early morning sun. This midweight crew has proven to be a reliable problem-solver on those types of days.

Courtesy of American Giant

To buy:, $90

Since I don't typically wear sleeves, I often feel restricted and uncomfy on the rare occasions when I do. However, the material of this American Giant crew is far from bulky, and I was able to move as freely as I would in a tank top. This proved to be a game changer on those brisk, sunless nights on the Jersey Shore boardwalk, especially when it came time to play SkeeBall — my arcade game skills weren't inhibited by the cumbersomely thick material of my typical hoodies or the annoying chill-induced goosebumps I would get from just wearing a tank top.

Beaches aren't the only place where I've found this crewneck helps keep my body at the perfect temperature. Airplanes, with their seemingly glacial air conditioning system, also tend to be tricky spots for me. I waver from shivering in just a tank top to sweating in hoodies, and have to go back and forth between adding and removing layers, which is really inconvenient given the limited space between airplane seats. When I wore this crewneck, it was the first time I was able to travel via plane without having any mini outfit changes — I was able to sit back and relax the entire flight without having to pay any mind to my body temperature. It was a first I would like to experience time and time again, so it's safe to say this crewneck will be my default airport look from now on.

Comfort aside, the cut, structure, and fit of this crew gives it a tidy and stylish look. Despite its casual appearance and cozy feel, I can throw this crew on and still feel put-together. This was a real game changer for me, since I usually look like an uncoordinated mess in the airport. The crew is also a must-have for the upcoming summer to fall transitional weather thanks to its breathable yet warm material. Whether I'm spending a weekend in the Catskills, reading a book in Central Park, or flying to visit family for the holiday season, I will be bringing my American Midweight Crew with me.

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