By Kim Duong
June 03, 2018
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Andyer Portable Travel Footrest
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Ever start falling asleep on the plane and think, “Man, wouldn’t it be great to be horizontal right now?” Yes? Every single time, you say? OK, cool, us too.

But unfortunately we don’t have many opportunities to lay down mid-flight (lie-flat seats aren’t exactly cheap and claiming an entire row to yourself on a full flight feels slightly illegal). So what’s an exhausted traveler to do? You buy a hanging footrest. Like, actually.

We're not talking about just any hanging footrest. There’s one in particular that Amazon users can’t get enough of (and when Amazon reviewers speak, you listen). Let us present Andyer’s Portable Travel Footrest: For a cool $12, you too, like the other 200+ reviewers, can kick your feet up on one of these hammock-like designs and enjoy a relaxing flight. Just hook it onto the bracket of your tray table and enjoy, self-imposed humiliation not included. (You’re getting comfy, who cares?)

Certainly none of the 148 five-star Amazon reviews felt ashamed. Just ask user Just Fine, who loves it for its ability to relieve joint pain, writing, “Bought them due to problems with [my] knees and feet making me dread being in a small commercial jet for a couple of hours, as that usually kills both knees and feet. I hung this little sling via the tray in front of me (tray up or down doesn't matter... still works fine) and slipped off my shoes to place both feet right in the hammock. It took the pressure off the feet and the knees and I have an extremely comfortable ride. I didn't need to recline my seat to try to get pressure off the legs as I'd normally have to do, so I'm sure the guy behind me enjoyed the extra room in front of him!”

Amazon user adada loves it for the whole family: “This thing is simple but useful for traveling with kids. My kids (4 and 6) used to hang their legs from the seat. Not very comfortable for long domestic or international travels. From time to time, they put their feet against the seat back in front of them, which really bothered the passengers in front of them. This thing gives them a place to put their feet. This is a great thing for me to take every time when traveling with my kids.”

Andyer Portable Travel Footrest
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

You can head over to to get your hands (or feet) on an Andyer Portable Travel Footrest for $12.