By Rachel Felder
December 02, 2013

The New York–based fashion designer made his name on a prim, classic, and sometimes offbeat look, a credo that is echoed in his travel style. “I’m a horrible creature of habit,” he admits. “I pack more simply than most people—I don’t bring much stuff.” We take a peek at his well-ordered universe.

The Women’s Collection: Browne made a splash last January when Michelle Obama wore a coat he designed to the inauguration. This look (pictured) is in stores now.

The Suit: Browne is rarely caught not wearing one of his ultra-trim suits, which can cause unintended confusion. “People think I’m a pilot,” he laughs. “I’ve been offered discounts at Starbucks.”

The Hotels: “The service at Claridge’s ($$$$$), in London, is unbelievable—though they won’t let me wear shorts in the restaurant,” he says. “But I appreciate when establishments adhere to tradition.” Another favorite: the iconic Villa d’Este ($$$$$), on Italy’s Lake Como.

The Carry-On: In the sleek black leather briefcase of his own design: personalized Crane & Co. stationery for thank-you notes.

The Routine: Buttered toast and coffee is Browne’s breakfast, wherever he is in the world. One regular stop: Tokyo’s Hotel Okura ($$$).

The Latest: The designer’s new line of reimagined men’s beachwear includes this preppy-with-a-punch polo and swim trunks.

Hotel Pricing Key
$ Less than $200
$$ $200 to $350
$$$ $350 to $500
$$$$ $500 to $1,000
$$$$$ More than $1,000