Teva and Polaroid Are Bringing Back a Vintage Camera and New Sandals for the Most 'Memorable' Summer Ever

The '90s are back and this collaboration is proof.

Teva and Polaroid are here to prove that the '90s really are cool again.

In May, the two brands announced a rather nostalgic collaboration that includes some cute sandals and the perfect instant camera.

Teva x Polaroid collaborate on sandals and camera for summer
Courtesy of Polaroid

"The collection is a celebration of creative expression designed to help people capture instant memories," the brands shared in a joint statement. The limited-edition Teva x Polaroid collection includes classic Teva sandal made from recycled materials and a custom refurbished Polaroid 600 camera, allowing fans to "capture new adventures more sustainably."

"Polaroid was a natural partner for this collaboration that demonstrates our shared belief in the power of creativity," Erika Gabrielli, senior director of global marketing at Teva, shared in a statement. "Both of our brands evoke a happy nostalgia, and we thought what better way to honor our fans than create a collection that invites expression and inspires them to make new memories."

Teva x Polaroid collaborate on sandals and camera for summer
Courtesy of Polaroid

Fans can choose from both Original Tevas in grey and the Midform Universal Tevas in red. Both are water-friendly styles and have the same rubber outsole wearers have come to know and love. Both versions also come with a custom Polaroid Color Spectrum webbing on the heel strap for added flair.

With the shoes, shoppers can also snag the Teva x Polaroid 600 instant analog camera made from original Polaroid electronics that have been professionally refurbished. It also comes with a co-branded Teva x Polaroid camera strap made with recycled yarn, making it easy to take your cool new camera everywhere.

"Polaroid has always been about inspiring creativity, anytime, anywhere. We're excited to partner with a brand with a shared rich heritage to further that mission, encouraging people to find inspiration wherever their adventure takes them," Marta Martinez, chief marketing officer of Polaroid, added.

The shoes are available in extended sizing for all genders, starting at $70. The custom Teva x Polaroid 600 camera is now available for $160. But if you want one you better get one fast before this collection is history just like the '90s.

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