Ditch Your Plastic Bag for This Washable Laundry Bag

Travelers, healthcare workers, and gym goers love it.

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STNKY Bag Pro Wash Bag for Health Workers, Sports, Fitness & Travel
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Doing laundry is a necessary evil, but for travelers, healthcare workers, and gym goers, the chore can be extra challenging. You have to separate your dirty clothes from your clean items while transporting your belongings, and you might not have immediate access to a washer and dryer. The solution? A washable laundry bag that's easy to take with you on the go.

Amazon stocks one option from a brand called Stnky that has all of the features you could want in a travel-friendly laundry bag. It looks like an ordinary laundry bag, but there's much more to it than meets the eye. It includes a zipper and a mesh lining, so when you're ready to wash you can turn the bag inside out and throw the entire thing in the washing machine and dryer. There's no need to even reach inside and touch your dirty clothes, making the chore that much more pleasant.

The bag itself locks in odors and moisture to prevent smells and messes, so you can take it with you on the go without worrying about your dirty items mingling with your fresh clothes. It's a great alternative to plastic bags, too. Not only is it better for the environment since you can use it again and again, but it also does a better job of isolating your dirty garments if they're packed in the same bag as your unused clothing. Plus, the bag comes in multiple sizes and colors, so you can pick the one that's best for your lifestyle.

STNKY Bag Pro Wash Bag for Health Workers, Sports, Fitness & Travel
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: amazon.com, from $25

People who work in healthcare, travel frequently, and hit the gym on the regular all have good things to say about the handy laundry bag. "I am a healthcare worker, and I use this bag every day I work," one Amazon reviewer wrote. "It's nice to keep my clean and dirty clothes separate. I also love the fact that you can wash the bag with the clothes still inside without having to touch the dirty clothes. Worth every penny."

Another said, "The larger size holds a week of stinky gym clothes without leaking any stench, and reversing the bag to wash them is a piece of cake. Also makes a great travel hamper to keep any dirty clothes stink[ing] in your suitcase away from the clean stuff."

Whether you're looking for a better way to get dirty scrubs home, keep your gym gear away from your work outfit, or prevent your suitcase from smelling on a trip, this washable laundry bag is up for the challenge.

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