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Shoppers Say This Under-$40 Car Fan Kept Their Pups Cool and Comfortable During an 8-Hour Road Trip

It’s a “must-have for hot dogs.”
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Before I was a dog owner, I incorrectly assumed all pups loved car rides. Movies had me believe dogs couldn't wait to stick their heads out of a moving vehicle and pant into the wind — but my three-year old husky proved different. She hates the car. She spent the entirety of our cross-country road trip whining, panting, and pacing in the back seat. We've tried calming vests, anti-anxiety medication prescribed by our vet, and soothing playlists, all to no avail. Unfortunately, we have another road trip planned this summer, but this one promises to be much less stressful since I've found the Xool Dual-Head Back Seat Electric Car Fan on Amazon, which reviewers are calling a "must-have for hot dogs." 

The dual-headed fans attach to the back of the front seat with the included clamps and rotate 360 degrees to deliver a cool blast of air to every corner of the backseat of your car. The fans plug into your car's cigarette lighter and come with mini clips to keep the wires in place. You can turn the fan on and off and adjust the wind speed with the wire's controller, and there's no specific wind setting limit — adjust the speed as much or as little as you or your pet likes. 

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To buy:, $37

The fan is made to whirl quietly, so it won't disrupt your pet while they snooze. Along with keeping your pup cool, the fan also helps to circulate stale air in your car. It can remove pet odors, dust, debris, and cigarette odors. Shoppers say they simply slide it under their seats when it's not in use and reinstall it as needed. 

"Used this for my dog in the back seat on a trip! It was perfect," writes a reviewer. "She always pants and gets hot, so I turn the AC back on to help her and I wear a sweater! But just one flip of the [switch] with my right hand to crank it on, she stayed cool as a cucumber. [It] circulates air in the whole car. She laid right down and slept the whole way!"

Along with keeping your dog comfortable on long drives, customers are calling the fan a "lifesaver for carsick kiddos." 

"We have an 18 month old who gets very carsick (especially since he is in a rear-facing car seat)," says a shopper. "Anytime we drove more than about 15 minutes he would throw up. Since we have installed this fan, which we always have blowing on his face, he has not thrown up in the car (it's been about 2 months now!) We have gone on windy road trips, and no more throw-up."

The brand also makes Dual-Head Front Seat Fans and Single-Head Fans that can work on strollers, desks, exercise equipment, and more. 

Before you plan your next road trip, over 1,000 five-star Amazon reviewers think you should grab the Xool Dual-Head Back Seat Electric Car Fan at Amazon.

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