By Lindsay Tigar
May 29, 2019
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The arrival of summer means a long string of out-of-office messages, the end of layering, and, inevitably, the onset of wedding season. Destination bachelorette parties are becoming a more and more frequent way for the bride-to-be to celebrate her upcoming nuptials with friends. Since many brides choose destinations that feature sunshine, the ocean, and lots of celebrating with champagne, we've rounded up everything you will need to prep your suitcase for a weekend of reminiscing, partying, relaxing, or whatever comes your way.

From the practical items (sunscreen!) to the fun, not-so-necessary necessities (temporary tattoos!) consider this your guide to making the bride-to-be feel like the star she is. And don't forget a few goodies for you, too.

For Offline Instagramming: Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Camera

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Considering bachelorette parties often get their own hashtag these days that’s often different from the wedding tag, it goes without saying that photo sessions are a major part of the weekend. From sporting all black while the bride dazzles in white to candid shots of her laughing away her single life, capturing these priceless moments is your duty as a bridesmaid. You can really wow her — and the rest of the gang — by snapping those moments with this instant-print camera. That’s right: you not only get the digital image, but a print out that doubles as a sticker. It’s slim, lightweight, and super fun.

To buy:, $100

For Fast Packing: Organizing Travel Pack

Credit: Courtesy of UncommonGoods

This weekend, you’re heading to Miami to celebrate with your high school best friend. You’ll land on Sunday evening and fly out again Thursday morning to another bachelorette in Sin City with your work wife. Frequent jet-setting teaches you a thing or two about fast packing, and these organizing bags make it so easy you can do it when you’re half-asleep. One for your intimates, one for your shoes, another for your hair tools, and one for your dirty laundry, you’ll never have to search for what you need again. This is especially helpful after a glass (or three) of bubbly.

To buy:, $48

For Glam on the Go: Chi Pineapple Crush Travel Kit

Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

If you’re only away for a weekend, you can’t pack your full arsenal of frizz-smoothing hair products, since TSA limits those ounce counts. You can, however, be the envy of the bachelorette party with this smart travel kit from Chi. Complete with a mini straightener, pint-sized blow dryer, and the Chi iron guard and Silk Infusion Reconstructing Complex, you can tame your locks, no matter where you roam.

To buy:, $99

For Hydration: Hydro Flask Water Bottle

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No, it’s not the most glamorous of packing essentials — but it will ensure you don’t completely burn out on day one of the weekend. Leak-proof and ridiculously well-insulated (your water will stay ice cold for 24 hours) make sure you bring this Hydro Flask bottle with you to the airport. You can refill once you’re past security and refill each night before bed to recover from that last OK-maybe-just-one-more tequila shot. Consider gifting one to the bride (complete with a cute sticker), and let it be her something blue of the getaway.

To buy:, from $45

For Your Beach Bag: Secret Freshies

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Or your purse. Or for the bridal emergency kit that all bride tribes have on hand for their gal. Not to be confused with Esos lip balms, these aren’t for your lips — but your underarms. For when you forget antiperspirant or you need a second application after a sweaty sightseeing afternoon, it’s easy to dab on and keep up with the crew.

To buy:, $15 for a set of three

For Sunbathing: Figleaves Swimsuit

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

There is only one color you can’t pack for the weekend — ahem, white — making this patterned beauty a great choice. We love the multitasking features of this suit. It’s flattering for many body types, while also being comfortable and practical enough for swims in the ocean or joining in for a rousing round of beach volleyball.

To buy:, from $39

For Practicality: Coppertone Glow SPF 15, 30, or 50

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Even if your bachelorette has decided on a ski weekend to celebrate the end of her single days, sunscreen is one of those non-negotiable items. And if you’re jetting off to Mexico or Miami, you'll need even more. What we like about this sunscreen is the UV protection it offers — along with a little shimmer. Created with illuminating minerals, you’ll glisten in the sun with this fast-drying, silky formula. As a bonus for beach babes, it’s water-resistant up to 40 minutes, too.

To buy:, $9

For Fun: Temporary Tattoos From Etsy

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Customizable tattoos are very much in vogue on the bachelorette party scene — from shimmery gold “flash tats” that are personalized with the bride’s name or the weekend’s designated hashtag to a strange but increasingly popular option of the whole group sporting tattooed pictures of the bride's partner-to-be’s face. We're not making this up.

To buy:, prices vary

For Wine Nights: Tervis Insulated Wine Glasses

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Heading to Napa for a wine-soaked weekend? Skip the X-rated party decor and instead come through with these durable — and pretty! — plastic wine glasses. They're practically unbreakable, so you'll be covered when you realize the Airbnb you rented only stocks with those terrifyingly expensive and highly breakable thin-stemmed glasses.

To buy:, $58

For Flights (And Hangovers): 100% Pure Deep Hydration Sheet Mask

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Off the top of your head, think about all of the aspects of a bachelorette party that leave you dehydrated: the sun, the flight, the booze, the air conditioning — and the list goes on. Though, sure, you will definitely feel it in your head — your skin suffers, too. You can be the hero of the weekend by packing these natural sheet masks that utilize aloe water to give moisture back to your pores. Whether you wear them in solidarity on the plane ride back home or before getting ready for a night on the town, they’ll leave your skin softer and happier.

To buy:, $6

For Dark Under-eye Circles: Priori Skincare Tinted Sunscreen

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Though you will collect fun memories, inside jokes, and plenty of stories from your bachelorette party weekend — you’ll also likely bring home some major dark circles. Or perhaps, this common skin ailment will rear its head while you’re still on vacay. To the rescue is this double-whammy pick from Priori Skincare. It comes with SPF 50 to protect you from UV rays and a slight tint to cover up those not-so-Instagram-ready under-eyes. Come prepared to share.

To buy:, $90