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Andrea Romano
November 28, 2017

The holiday season can be a little topsy-turvy for everyone. But upside-down Christmas trees seem a bit too literal.

Apparently, the latest trend in holiday decorations is adorning your home with a Christmas tree turned on its end. Don't worry, this isn't a “Stranger Things” reference.

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Or, is it? We're not entirely sure.

One such tree is available at Target, so you can buy your very own starting at $261, with more luxurious options priced closer to $1,000.

Courtesy of Target

To buy: Target, $261

Some people are convinced the “Stranger Thing” theory isn't so far fetched — and that the popular series is reaching beyond Netflix and into our annual festivities. The holidays are much stranger in the Upside Down.

Others are simply too confused to even venture a theory.

And some just want to nip this trend in the bud before we have to see it every year.

But there may be a practical explanation for these upside-down trees. One Twitter user who said he used to be a writer for the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue said it's a great way to showcase ornaments.

And finally, some people just like the look.

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Whether you love the idea or hate it, one thing can't be denied: An upside-down Christmas tree leaves a lot more room for presents.

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