The 12 Best Travel Perfumes of 2023

Kai's perfume oil is our top pick.

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Best Travel Perfume

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When perfume is an essential step in your at-home beauty routine, bringing a bottle of your favorite fragrance with you on trips is practically a given. Whether you’re looking for a smaller version of something you love, or bringing a new scent on the road, you have a lot of choices when it comes to picking the right travel perfume. Most companies produce their fragrances in a range of carry-on-friendly sizes and application styles, with some offering sets of mini vials and convenient atomizers.

After reviewing many fragrances and packaging options, we picked Kai's Perfume Oil as the best travel perfume. The Malibu-based company founded by Gaye Straza in the early 2000s caused a frenzy when its fresh composition of essential oils consisting of white florals and balancing green notes first hit the market. The fragrance was inspired by Straza's childhood days spent in the tropics, and is a fresh and versatile scent that immediately became a traveler favorite. But, if you’re looking for something different, we’ve picked other rollerball scents, portable atomizers, and solid perfumes, too.

Here’s our list of the best travel-sized fragrances to pack in your toiletry bag:

Best Overall

Kai Perfume Oil

Kai Perfume Oil


Why We Love It
  • It has a subtle floral scent created from a blend of fragrant essential oils.

What to Consider
  • The bottle is not refillable.

When we think about travel perfume, the first word that comes to mind is subtle, and the second — light. While we appreciate more intense fragrances, we are proponents of wearing universally appealing scents while in close quarters with others, like in trains and other public transportation. A delicate, more sophisticated scent like Kai’s fresh perfume oil is perfect as you travel, and as you explore cities, parks, mountains, and the seas. 

With notes of gardenia and other white florals alongside hints of green tea, this clean, airy scent was created by Gaye Straza, who spent much of her childhood in Hawaii. Described as "vacation in a bottle," this fragrance is ideal for those seeking a soothing scent that’s memorable in its simplicity and softness. The formula includes a blend of essential oils and comes in a minimalist vial with a rollerball for precise application no matter where you are.

Price at time of publish: $52

The Details: 30 milliliters | Rollerball

Best Set

Pacifica Beauty Wanderlust Perfume Set

Pacifica Beauty Wanderlust Perfume Set


Why We Love It
  • The set consists of five floral fragrances with an affordable price tag.

What to Consider
  • The vials are only 0.05 ounces each, so they won't last that long.

Why settle for just one scent when you can bring multiple to layer or wear on different occasions during a trip? Clean beauty brand Pacifica's trial set is the perfect travel perfume alternative. It consists of five miniature spray vials, each holding 0.05 ounces of fragrance, including Tuscan blood orange, French lilac, and Tahitian gardenia.

We love that the bottles are small enough to fit in your purse or pocket. Of course, the downside is that each will only last you so long but, at $15 for the set of five, it is completely worth it. After all, if you end up liking one scent more than the others, you can later purchase a larger bottle, which is still travel-friendly at 1 ounce.

Price at time of publish: $15

The Details: 0.05 ounce each | Spray

Best Floral

Diptyque Eau Rose Solid Parfume

diptyque Eau Rose Solid Parfume


Why We Love It
  • It blends the two most precious types of rose essence.

What to Consider
  • The rose notes are the most intense. 

Diptyque is known for its complex fragrances, often inspired by specific locations across the globe. This year, the company introduced a new perfume blending two of the world's most valuable and rare types of roses — Rosa Damascena, also known as Bulgarian Rose, and Rosa Centifolia, sourced from Provence. They are paired with two more notes — fresh chamomile and sweet lychee — for a fragrance that is surprisingly light, memorable, and distinct. Intended as a unisex option, the floral rose notes are balanced by a green artichoke accord. 

We prefer the solid perfume option because it's made from alcohol-free wax and has the consistency of a thick scented balm – so there’s no need to worry it will spill in your purse while you travel. Also nice: it comes in a beautiful refillable box with an illustrated rose on top. 

Price at time of publish: $68

The Details: 3 grams | Solid perfume

Best Masculine

Le Labo Vetiver 46 Travel Tube Set

Le Labo Vetiver 46 Travel Tube Set


Why We Love It
  • The woody aroma of Haitian vetiver makes for an intriguing fragrance.

What to Consider
  • Vetiver is not everyone's cup of tea. 

Le Labo has a cult following thanks to its understated-yet-distinct fragrances that are full of character. The company also supplies many luxury hotels with bathroom toiletries in its popular scents, including the Fairmont

Vetiver 46 is hailed as the brand's most masculine scent, with notes of Haitian vetiver, black pepper, and cedar. But the mastery of Le Labo’s fragrances is that no matter how intense a scent may be, it retains the delicacy and subtlety that makes it a perfect choice for travelers. It's also worth noting that Le Labo perfumes are vegan and developed without parabens.

The 0.33-ounce glass bottle comes in a set with a vintage-inspired metal travel tube for storage. It has a convenient twist cap, which can prevent spills, too.

Price at time of publish: $174

The Details: 0.33 ounces | Spray

Best Designer

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum Travel Fragrance Set

MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum Travel Fragrance Set


Why We Love It
  • This fragrance is the epitome of luxury — a delicious blend of jasmine, saffron, and woodsy notes.

What to Consider
  • It comes with a high price tag and a set of five small bottles.

When French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian started selling Baccarat Rouge 540, the first batch sold out in a month (it was intended to last at least six). This scent has universal appeal, composed of saffron mixed with soft ambergris, Egyptian jasmine, and cedar from Virginia. It's a delightful and memorable aroma that takes you on an exquisite olfactory journey. 

While it’s on the more expensive end, this set actually consists of five vials. Each bottle holds 0.37 ounces  which can be stored in an ultra-chic, gold-tone atomizer. The atomizer – dubbed the Globe Trotter – invokes the design of faceted crystal, which is especially fitting as the original Baccarat 540 scent was designed in collaboration with the renowned French crystal company by the same name.

Price at time of publish: $425

The Details: 0.37 ounces | Spray

Best Citrus

Vyrao Free 00

Vyrao Free 00

Violet Gray

Why We Love It
  • Each bottle has an energized crystal in it.

What to Consider
  • While the bottles are TSA-friendly, there isn't a separate travel container to store them in.

Fashion veteran Yasmin Sewell teamed up with perfumer Lyn Harris to create the wellness-focused fragrance brand, Vyrao. Sewell also brought in her healer, Louise Mita, to energize Herkimer diamond crystals, which are then dropped into each bottle to "clear, amplify, and raise energy" – as every traveler can benefit from good vibes on the road.

The Free 00 scent has top notes of Sicilian lemon, mandarin, and orange flower, and a base of delicate jasmine and sweet vanilla. The result is a fragrance that is not only elegant and fresh, but that also intends to bring clarity to any journey. 

Price at time of publish: $190

The Details: 50 milliliters | Spray

Best for the Beach

Malie Organics Plumeria Perfume Oil

Malie Organics Plumeria Perfume Oil

Malie Organics

Why We Love It
  • The subtle scent is made from an organic blend of healthy oils. 

What to Consider
  • The scent lasts anywhere from one to three hours, after which you'll need to reapply.

What better fragrance to wear to the beach than one inspired by the lush beauty of Hawaii? This light and breezy scented oil by Kaua'i-based beauty brand Malie Organics is formulated with 70 percent organic ingredients, including kukui nut, sunflower, and coconut oils. The refreshing fragrance blends the aroma of tropical fruits and native Hawaiian plants with tonka bean, jasmine, and warm amber.

The oil has no toxic chemicals and is vegan. Your skin will absorb it immediately, but keep in mind that scented oil isn’t as potent or long-lasting as perfume, so you may need to reapply after a couple hours.

Price at time of publish: $32

The Details: 10 milliliters | Roll-on

Best Fruity

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum Travel Spray

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum Travel Spray


Why We Love It
  • Inspired by Paris, this elegant fruity scent can instantly elevate your mood.

What to Consider
  • It has patchouli notes, which not everyone may find appealing.

Yves Saint Laurent's Mon Paris takes you on a whirlwind journey to the City of Lights. It features notes of strawberries and raspberries, the indistinct sweetness of which is balanced by jasmine, white peonies, and hints of patchouli and white musk. This well-rounded fruity/floral fragrance perfectly captures the romanticism, elegance, and cool edge of modern-day Paris. It is a wonderful daily scent that will last for hours. 

And the travel bottle is just as chic as the scent itself. The slim vial features a beautiful black bow with a tiny gold-tone plaque, engraved with the French company's logo. Once you empty the vial, you can easily refill it and enjoy it again.

Price at time of publish: $30

The Details: 0.34 ounces | Spray

Best Classic

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Rollerball

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Rollerball


Why We Love It
  • It's the epitome of fresh, breezy, and easy to wear.

What to Consider
  • This is an eau de toilette spray, which means you'll need to reapply it throughout the day.

A classic fragrance doesn't have to mean old, dated, and overpowering. Case in point? 

Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue scent has defied time and trends thanks to its lightness, airiness, and elegance, all inspired by long Mediterranean summers in Italy. Launched in 2001, the perfume blends Sicilian cedar, notes of Granny Smith apple, and tangy Calabrian lemon. The scent was an instant success, racking up awards and even getting featured in museum exhibits. Its universal appeal makes it one of the best-selling eau de toilettes. 

The travel-friendly spray comes with the perfume's signature light blue cap. Because of the monumental success of Light Blue, the fragrance is available in many sizes and complementary beauty products such as body lotion.

Price at time of publish: $29

The Details: 0.33 ounces | Spray

Best Romantic

Dior Miss Dior Eau-de-Parfum Roller Pearl

Dior Miss Dior Eau-de-Parfum Roller Pearl


Why We Love It
  • The new version of the classic 1940s fragrance is just as dreamy and delicate as the original.

What to Consider
  • The travel-sized bottle has a bulky cap.

Launched shortly after the end of World War II, Miss Dior's goal was "to re-enchant women's lives and open up their eyes to the sparkling colors of love." More than 70 years later, this fragrance continues to be synonymous with love, except it now has a new composition.

Intended to invoke a fragrant bouquet of flowers, this scent features Centifolia rose from Dior's private gardens in Grasse, France, fresh lily of the valley, and peonies. The delicate, velvety aroma is complemented by vanilla, tonka bean, and musky notes. The perfume has a soft pink shade and comes in a beautiful — albeit bulkier — bottle. A little goes a long way with this premium eau de parfum, so if you apply it in the morning, you should be set for the entire day. 

Price at time of publish: $51

The Details: 0.7 ounces | Roller

Best for Winter

Fulton & Roark Blue Ridge Solid Fragrance

Fulton & Roark Blue Ridge Solid Fragrance

Fulton & Roark

Why We Love It
  • This is a unisex fragrance that comes in a refillable box.

What to Consider
  • The formula includes two types of alcohol, so people with sensitive skin should test it first.

Winter scents should be a bit more intense but above all, comforting and cozy. And this woodsy scent is just that.

It is deep yet fresh and soothing. Inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the composition features sandalwood, sage, and amber notes. This memorable scent is perfect to wear during your snowy mountain vacation or a romantic getaway.

The scented wax comes in a refillable container that won't spill or leak. One of the great things about choosing a solid perfume like this one is that you can control the intensity of the fragrance by applying as much or as little as you are in the mood for.

Price at time of publish: $60

The Details: 0.2 ounces | Solid perfume

Best Eco-friendly

Henry Rose Torn

Henry Rose Torn

Henry Rose

Why We Love It
  • It blends spicy and floral notes, making it a great unisex option.

What to Consider
  • The combination of vanilla and violet notes may be too sweet for some people.

The market is flooded with celebrity fragrances, but this one is different. When actress Michelle Pfeiffer set out to launch Henry Rose, she wanted the company's products to fully adhere to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) safety standards, which meant using non-toxic ingredients (versus cheaper-to-produce synthetic ingredients). As a result, every Henry Rose fragrance is hypoallergenic and contains no parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde. And in addition to being EWG verified, they are also Cradle to Cradle-certified for sustainability.

Pfeiffer's favorite scent, Torn, has an intriguing duality, which we love. The unisex fragrance blends freesia and sweet lily of the valley notes with rose, violet, and jasmine, balanced by musky and woodsy base accords. Each scent is available in a refillable, 8-milliliter spray bottle. 

Price at time of publish: $35

The Details: 8 milliliters | Spray

Tips for Buying Travel Perfume

Consider which application method is best for you

Nowadays, you have a lot of choices when it comes to applying your favorite scent. Solid perfume is an increasingly popular option — it is friendlier to sensitive skin because it usually doesn't contain alcohol and is wax-based. Because of that, it’s also the most travel-friendly perfume alternative since it doesn't come in a liquid form that could spill or leak. 

Similar to solid perfume, rollerball fragrances allow you to apply a scent with more precision and less likely leakage. And finally, the classic method is spraying, which is usually used for eau de toilettes, mists, eau de parfums, and colognes. 

Think about which scents you'll be layering with

Layering perfume is a great way to create a scent that's uniquely yours. The easiest way to successfully layer perfume is to opt for fragrances with dominating notes of the same class — floral, fruity, musky, woodsy, etc., or with common notes such as jasmine, vanilla, or sandalwood. 

While layering is a question of personal preference, avoid mixing fragrances with complex compositions because the final result may be too overpowering and messy. Also, avoid layering more than three scents at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does travel perfume last?

    Travel perfume has to come in a TSA-approved dosage, which is by law 3.4 ounces for carry-on bags, but most travel fragrances are available in vials of 0.27 to 0.35 ounces. A spray bottle that large will last you up to two months if you use it twice a day (which is more than enough for eau de parfum). 

    Also, remember that once you open a fragrance, you have about two and a half years, or 30 months, to use it before it expires or loses its vibrancy.

  • Can I bring perfume on a plane?

    As long as the perfume adheres to TSA rules for liquids, you are free to pack your favorite travel perfume in your carry-on. Just place it in your toiletry bag and make sure it doesn’t exceed 3.4 ounces. 

    However, we recommend you not use any fragrance while traveling on a commercial flight. Regardless of strength and intensity, fragrances can affect other travelers (they may cause migraines or even allergic reactions). But, even if that's not the case, it is simply not a pleasant experience to sit next to someone wearing an overpowering scent for several hours.

  • How can I refill travel perfume?

    Make sure the original travel vial is refillable. Then pull off the sprayer and place the bottom part of the travel bottle on top of the spray nozzle of the large one. Then start spraying into it until the vial fills. 

    If you can take off the sprayer of the large bottle, you can also use a syringe, a pipette dropper, or a small perfume funnel to transfer the liquid to the travel vial. 

  • Does perfume expire?

    Yes, unfortunately, perfume does expire. As you spray it, air gets into the bottle and oxidizes the liquid over time. To extend the life of your perfume, keep it away from direct sunlight and, ideally, store it in a cool place. The exact expiration date of your perfume will also depend on its composition — citrusy and green notes are more sensitive to oxidation. But experts generally give opened perfume bottles a shelf life of about 30 months. 

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