By Lindsay Tigar
June 11, 2019
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The scariest moment of my life was upgrading my old iPhone to my new one without backing it up first. I held my breath until my iCloud synced, revealing my all of my treasured travel photos. OK, so maybe skydiving outside of Mexico City was a tad more terrifying but every wanderluster can relate: the photos we take on the road are precious. Though it was on its last leg, that iPhone made it to more than 25 countries with me as I traveled nonstop for 18 months, exploring on five continents.

Once I finally came back home and decided to relocate to Boston, I knew I wanted my new apartment to showcase the treasures I'd gathered abroad and feature images from my journey. But more than that, I wanted travel to be at the heart of my aesthetic, without going overboard cheesy.

In an effort to build a home — and still be reminded of my adventures — I searched the web high and low, looking for the right direction. What I found were these gorgeous pieces that bring the many wonders of the world to your zip code.

Wall Decor: Wendy Gold Studios Push Pin World Map

Courtesy of Amazon

Sure, scratch-off maps are sort of having a moment. But if you’ve ever attempted to carefully scratch off France (where you’ve been) and avoid smudging Switzerland (where you haven’t) — you know it’s nearly impossible. Go the classier route with this custom, personalized push-pin world map that’s designed by a geographer. Each print includes historical commentary, information on ancient civilizations and famous voyages and more. (P.S. this makes a great wedding gift for a new couple!)

To buy:, $149

Photo Display: Skylight Frame

Courtesy of Amazon

Is there anything worse than having to go through each of your photos, one by one, narrowing down which ones to print and frame in your home? Luckily, you won’t have to with this amazing digital frame that displays all of them. You can even add images in real time since the company creates a personalized email for you that sends directly to your device. Get a selfie with an alpaca at Machu Picchu? Send it right then, right there, and see it when you open your front door.

To buy:, $159

Barware: Urban Map Glass

Courtesy of Uncommongoods

The best time to tell travel stories is when you’ve had a few rounds, since you’re more likely to tell the nitty-gritty, hilarious details — instead of saying your trip was “great!” Every time you trek to a new city, add a new etched rocks glass to your collection. That way when your pals come over, you can fire up the cocktails and make an easy segway into, “This one time, I was in Nashville…”

To buy:, $16

Art Books: ‘Gray Malin: Italy’

Courtesy of Amazon

Though you may be pretty handy with your phone's Portrait mode — you’re not a professional photographer. If you want to show off where you’ve been or have a tangible book to flip through, consider investing in the work of masters. In travel photography, Gray Malin is a legend, especially for his photography series "La Dolce Vita" — or "the sweet life." Featuring the beaches and coasts of Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast and others, add this to your coffee table as a colorful statement piece.

To buy:, $40

Wall Decor: Oliver Gal ‘Adventure Is Calling’ Neon Sign

Courtesy of Wayfair

It was your love of adventure that led you to seek new experiences across the globe. The more you traveled, the more you realized that home is less a place and more a feeling. Display your affinity for cultures abroad with this neon sign that depicts what you say most often to friends and loved ones: Adventure is calling! I’m off to my next destination.

To buy:, $216 (originally $527)

Wall Decor: Etsy World Map Metal Wall Art

Courtesy of Etsy/MetalDecoArt

Though, sure, a map print is fine, you may want a more modern and personalized way to illustrate where you’ve been. Opt for this metal wall art that’s easy to hang up and has a major "wow" factor. If you want to display your travel photos, too, you can get creative by stringing locations out to frames surrounding the globe. That way when people come over and see your display, they’ll be prompted to ask questions: Was that really taken in Japan? You can say, "はい!"

To buy:, $81 (originally $116)

Shelving: Wayfair MCS Industries Vintage Suitcase Wall Shelf

Courtesy of Wayfair

You like travel nowadays, but will always be inspired by the style of the PanAm era. Think: vintage luggage from the 1920s, and, of course, a hat box for the road. Show off your aesthetic with this faux vintage suitcase shelf that adds dimension and class to any room.

To buy:, $50

World Globe: Neutral And Gold Globe On Hairpin Legs

Courtesy of World Market

Looking for a more modern iteration of a classic globe? The hairpin legs on this pick lend mid-century vibes and the glistening gold accents make for a true accent piece.

To buy:, $15

Poster: Vintage Airline Posters

Courtesy of Etsy/Le Vintage Print Shoppe

There’s a certain charm to the advertisements airlines used in the 1940s-’70s. They’re often abstract and super colorful. You can track down originals online for anywhere from $100-$5,000, or you find replica or inspired prints on sites like Etsy.

To buy:, $21

Storage: Nesting Palm Baskets from Minna

Courtesy of Food52

Witnessing firsthand how the rest of the planet lives brings a new perspective to your shopping habits and routine back stateside. If you are inspired to support global communities after spending time in South and Central America, you’ll fall in love with these gorgeous creations from Minna. For storing your linens or displaying trinkets from abroad, these nesting palm baskets are handmade from a family-run co-op in Oaxaca, Mexico. In addition to these artisans, the brand partners with other master weavers in Guatemala, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

To buy:, from $80