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These Are the Best Travel-friendly Beauty and Wellness Essentials on Sale for Prime Day

...from sunscreen and hair brushes to personal microdermabrasion devices.
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My cosmetics, medicines, and toiletries are some of the things I take the most seriously when I pack for a trip. For some, it's the absolute last thing they want to worry about. Either way, having a consolidated list of the essentials (which admittedly for me is a comprehensive one, so this is a safe space for over-packers) is the ideal place to start. If you happen to be in the market for new beauty tools or products for skin, hair, and travel wellness, you've come to the right place. All these and more are on sale for Amazon Prime Day, so you've come at the right time.

As far as choosing what's the most necessary when packing beauty and wellness items, consider your routines. Since travel is an opportunity for newness and exploration, many of our priorities, preferences, and time management styles will be different. The point of leisure travel is to experience life differently from the way we do day to day, but having realistic expectations about what we will actually use — not just what we like the idea of using — is a major key to packing both essential and luxury beauty items.

That said, travel can be the perfect opportunity to try out something new, especially since you really have to stick to what you brought over the course of your trip. And if you've been meaning to try something new, there are few better days a year to shop for it than Amazon Prime Day.

Whether you're looking for travel-sized basics, have been in the market for that portable personal microdermabrasion device, or just discovered the NuFace (after which you'll never look back), scroll on to shop our picks as well as Amazon's most popular travel-friendly beauty and wellness items on Amazon for Prime Day.

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