This Is the One Beauty Brand I Never Travel Without

From shaving tools to eye shadow, Alleyoop is my go-to.

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alleyoop travel beauty brand
Photo: Courtesy of Alleyoop

I often feel the need to pack for every possible scenario when I travel, which makes for a seriously heavy bag and an explosion of products I probably (read: definitely) didn't need to bring. And since the bulk of it is typically beauty-related, I've tried my fair share of all-in-one beauty products to help the cause. The formulas either irritated my skin or simply couldn't compete with the full-sized, targeted products I used daily. Then I was introduced to Alleyoop.

This one brand has, in just a few products, fully replaced every beauty product I thought I needed to travel with, allowing me to save space without compromising a single thing. I now use Alleyoop's blush, bronzer, highlighter, and deodorant every day, and I prefer its formulas to the ones I had in my formerly very comprehensive collection. In a single quart-sized bag, I'm able to fit every shaving tool I could need (even if there's no water), makeup for any look I'm going for that day, great skincare, and everything in between. And when I say great skincare, I mean it — even my temperamental, acne-prone skin can relax on vacation now.

From the travel-friendly packaging to the skin-friendly formulas inside, Alleyoop's products are practically made for jet-setters of the world. The brand allows me to consolidate everything in my beauty arsenal so I can travel anywhere without changing even one of the ten (or more) steps in my routine.

Below, shop the eight Alleyoop products I never travel without, or head to the site to browse more multi-use beauty and body care sets.

Stack The Odds

alleyoop travel beauty brand
Courtesy of Alleyoop

This 3-in-1 magnetic compact contains everything I need for a fresh face post-flight. Along with a mirror for on-the-go application, it has a bronzer, highlighter, and blush that I use on my cheeks and lips, as well as the bridge of my nose if I'd like an extra sunkissed look.

To buy:, $38

11th Hour

alleyoop travel beauty brand 11th hour
Courtesy of Alleyoop

I'll be hard pressed to find an eyeshadow pen I love more than 11th Hour in the coffee break shade — until I stock up on the other six colors, that is. The pigment doesn't transfer or disappear when it's blended, and the soft matte finish keeps oily lids at bay.

To buy:, $24

Clean Slate Stick Cleanser

alleyoop travel beauty brand
Courtesy of Alleyoop

This oil-based cleanser won't count as a liquid in your carry-on, so you can fully wash your face without any issues at the TSA checkpoint (or the need to worry about spills in your bag). Plus, the cleanser is incredible on sensitive, tired, or irritated skin — it even plays nice with my acne-prone skin.

To buy:, $28

About Face Cleansing Mitts

about face cleansing mitts alleyoop travel beauty brand
Courtesy of Alleyoop

This cleansing mitt has a soft microfiber side that allows you to wipe off makeup and cleanser without the need for water. In need of deeper exfoliation? Flip it around and get your (gentle!) scrub on without the use of harsh microbeads.

To buy:, two for $16

Cool It Stick Toner

alleyoop travel beauty brand
Courtesy of Alleyoop

Formulated with ingredients like green tea and almond oil, this toner stick not only cools and refreshes tired skin — a total treat on long-haul flights — but can also alleviate irritation, reduce puffiness, and calm redness. I love applying this throughout flights or train rides as a soothing barrier between my skin and my face mask.

To buy:, $22

All-In-One Razor

all-in-one razor alleyoop travel beauty brand
Courtesy of Alleyoop

Alleyoop takes the term "all-in-one" very seriously. Included in this portable razor kit are two razor heads, a bar of glide-on shea butter moisturizer, and a tiny, refillable spray bottle for water All wrapped up in a single palm-sized tool, this is one travel product that anyone who chooses to shave will find invaluable.

To buy:, $16

Slow Your Roll Deodorant

alleyoop travel beauty brand
Courtesy of Alleyoop

Alleyoop's aluminum-free deodorant includes essential oils like coconut, lavender, and grapefruit to hydrate underarms while keeping them fresh. According to Alleyoop, this formula can help slow down hair regrowth over time, and I've definitely noticed that I shave less when using my mini 2.1-ounce stick (which I'm still working through after two months of use).

To buy:, $14

Bottoms Up

alleyoop travel beauty brand
Courtesy of Alleyoop

Freshening up after long travel days doesn't stop with a little deodorant and blush. The Bottom Up body cleansing wipes are safe to use anywhere on your body, which really comes in handy when you're stuck in a layover and pining for a shower. Alleyoop thinks of everything.

To buy:, $15

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