Kids face masks from Amazon, Bloomingdales, and Target

The Best Face Masks for Kids

These are sure to impress this school year.
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Sure, you've (hopefully) been wearing cloth face masks for several months now — but what about the kiddos? Many states have not required children to wear masks since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but as schools reopen, it's probably time to start checking out some styles your little ones will feel comfortable keeping on all day in a classroom. Luckily, several brands are now catering to kids' specific mask needs — from smaller sizing to fun prints they'll be eager to show off.

But the customization options don't stop there. With our favorite masks for children, you can choose the cloth type, decide between elastic and tie-string ear straps, and pick the coverage type that is perfect for your kids. The best part? Many of them come in packs of multiples! Read on for our top picks.

Nordstrom Double-layer 4-pack

4 Nordstrom 2-layer face masks
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

This pack of fitted face coverings features masks in four fun-yet-neutral designs, so your kiddo can pick and choose which one they want to wear to school each morning. Constructed with nose-to-chin coverage, these masks are super comfy — so you'll know your young student will have no problem keeping them on all day.

To buy:, $18

Old Navy Triple-layer 10-pack

4 Old Navy 3-layer masks
Credit: Courtesy of Old Navy

Know a kid who'll want a different mask for every day of the week and then some? These colorful packs from Old Navy are sure to do the trick. Not only does each pack come with 10 different masks, but there are also lots of packs available in different themes and color schemes.

To buy:, $25

ABG Accessories 3-pack

3 AGB Accessories Masks
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Who doesn't want to display a toothy shark grin or a sizzling pepperoni pizza across their face? Certainly no child we know. These 3-packs from Amazon are available in a handful of different designs, and they're so affordable, you might as well order them all!

To buy:, $13

Meakenzie Full-coverage Tube Mask

Meakenzie Tube Mask
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Want to keep something with a little more coverage on hand? These seamless bandana masks for kids are must-haves for the school year. With prints featuring animals, planets, and food, you know these masks will be a hit in the classroom.

To buy:, $16

Cat & Jack 2-pack

Cat & Jack kids' shark face masks
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Need to quickly replenish your little one's face mask stash? These top-rated masks are only $4 for a pack of two — and they come in plenty of fun prints (think dinosaurs, sharks, and basketballs) as well as solid colors.

To buy:, $4

Bloomingdales 2-layer Tie Mask

Bloomingdales Tie Mask
Credit: Courtesy of Bloomingdales

These brightly colored tie masks are meant to make things easier for parents with particularly young kids, or kids who have a habit of fidgeting with ear straps. Thanks to the comfy tie-strap design, you can fasten the straps on the back of your child's head for a secure, fidget-free hold.

To buy:, $15

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