These Waffle-knit Bath Towels Are Lightweight, Soft, and Only $12

Not to mention editor-tested and adored.
By Kendall Cornish
February 19, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Target

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I am a bath towel fiend. I've run through brand after brand trying to find the softest, cutest, and most effective ones out there and it turns out they were right under my nose. Target's newest linen and home decor brand Casaluna has brought us a waffle-knit bath towel collection that rivals those of luxury labels. Lightweight linen-lovers rejoice.

Casaluna's waffle-knit bath towels are made of 100 percent cotton, which is only the first factor that sets them apart from the majority of other affordable brands. They wick away moisture like a dream and actually look chic when hung in your bathroom to dry.

Credit: Courtesy of Target

Before discovering these Casaluna waffle-knit towels, I believed the fluffier the towel, the better — that the more material, the better it would perform and the better it would feel. All it took was one quick feel of the collection on a random Target run to discover the innovation that is waffle-knit bath towels.

Available in four natural hues — a blush pink, light grey, bright white, and soft black — these towels are made to be seen as well as perform. A necessary part of a coordinated bathroom space, high-quality towels are often worth the investment, but Target's practically giving these away at $12 for a full-sized bath towel (which is why I have shamelessly collected 10 over the past few months).

Credit: Courtesy of Target

To buy:, from $10

Target's entire Casaluna collection, which features luxe and beautiful materials like linen and cashmere in natural hues like clay and soft black, is worth trying for all bath and bedroom linens.

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