Stokholm mid century store
Credit: Stephen Whitlock

With the mania for 1960s interior design showing no signs of abating, a new trove of retro furniture and decor has opened in Östermalm, Stockholm’s poshest neighborhood. Franks Mood (Grev Turagaten 50) is the creation of Anton Nilsson and Vendela Duclos. The couple—who are partners professionally and personally –opened their store briefly in June before closing for July, when Swedes traditionally take their month-long summer vacation, then re-opened it this month.

When not running the store and finding new pieces to sell, both of them have colorful professional lives. He flies the world as a fashion model while she is an opera singer and chanteuse—having a French father helps her channel the spirit of Edith Piaf when performing classic chansons. Due to their alternate careers, they briefly considered naming their store Blue Steel & French. Wisely, they thought again.

Frank’s Mood has a lively mix, most of it culled from the 1960s, though there are items from the ‘50s and ‘70s, too. Most items are Scandinavian—such as a pair of Swedish coffee tables made by Luxus in the 1960s ($1500 each)—but the store also specializes in post-industrial pieces from Europe and the former Eastern Bloc.

There is, for example, a cupboard that was found in a disused factory in the former East Germany that has been restored to mint condition ($2,200). More affordable is an old railway train station clock by L.M. Ericsson ($500), the Swedish company that today is known simply as Ericsson.

Östermalm is already the best corner of Stockholm in which to shop for design, thanks to stores like Modernity and Jacksons, both just two blocks away. While those two focus on immaculate mid-century modern classics, Frank’s Mood takes a more relaxed approach. Not every piece is a museum-grade classic—some, like an inviting leather club chair, are wonderfully well-used—which makes it all the better for weekend browsing.

Stephen Whitlock is based in Stockholm, and covers the Sweden and Denmark beat for Travel + Leisure.