How to Make Your Home Feel Bigger and More Comfortable During Quarantine (Video)

Feeling cooped up? Try these redecorating hacks.

If spending more time at home during your quarantine has made you rethink the way you've decorated your home, you're not alone. Whether you're in a house with space to spare or a particularly compact apartment, all this time inside can incite claustrophobia as well as the itch to redecorate. Now's the perfect time to make your space cozier and more comfortable.


If you're wondering how to maximize a small space, including ways to make your bedroom cozier and create a functional work area, we're here to help. We consulted the experts at Parachute, one of our favorite bedding brands, and The Sill, a trendy plant shop, about easy, quarantine-approved home decor upgrades.

Keep reading for their tips on making your home feel bigger, more comfortable, and even a bit more stylish.

Stick to a neutral color palette.

White duvet bedspread
Courtesy of Parachute Home

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Travel + Leisure spoke with Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of Parachute Home, about how to make the most of a small space. Kaye suggests opting for a neutral color palette in the bedroom to create a calm, cozy vibe that separates it from the rest of your home (even if your bedroom and living space are in the same spot). Parachute's bed linens, including this ultra-soft brushed cotton duvet cover, are available in several soothing colorways, including ivory, army green, and soft gray, allowing you to achieve a look that's ideal for relaxing. "I find a minimalist approach keeps you focused on what matters most in the bedroom — sleep! I gravitate towards neutrals and warm earthy tones, which help me find calm while still providing warmth," Kaye said.

For living rooms, Kaye emphasized the importance of selecting furniture that's versatile. "A bookshelf can help divide a room while also acting as a place to display books, mementos from travel, and various vases and bowls," she said.

Create a designated workspace.

Chair with side table and lamp
Courtesy of Parachute Home

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Even if you don't have a separate office, or even a desk, there are some small steps you can take to make your home workspace as functional as possible. When deciding what area to dedicate to work, Kaye suggests looking at a few factors first: "It's important to consider what you need to be productive. Ask, 'how much space do you need, would you like to be near natural light, is there an outlet close by, and what needs to be within reach?'"

"It's important to me to have a work area that I can easily step away from and turn back into a living space at the end of the day," Kaye said. "Right now, I'm taking calls from my bedroom or from my backyard and responding to emails at my dining table."

Opt for cozy accessories.

Living room with braided rug
Courtesy of Parachute Home

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To make any room feel instantly cozier, Kaye recommends adding accessories like a soft rug, decorative linen pillows, and billowy quilts, since "texture adds character and more dimension."

As for simple ways to redecorate, Kaye says she's constantly shopping her own home to create a refreshed look without adding any new pieces. "It's easy to swap artwork or restyle your coffee table to update the look of your home," she said.

Add some greenery.

Potted leafy plants
Courtesy of The Sill

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Adding plants to your space is a great way to bring some life to your home, and they don't have to take up much room. The Sill, a boutique plant retailer that ships nationwide, recommends a leafy parlor plant, since it grows upright with a narrow base. For just a touch of greenery on a desk, side table, or windowsill, try a succulent or this adorable hoya heart-shaped plant.

And if you're new to plants and don't know where to start, The Sill offers a ton of online resources, from informative blog posts to virtual workshops. "The number one rule of thumb when choosing plants for your space is picking them based on the light your space receives," said Erin Marino, director of brand marketing for The Sill. In addition to light, consider how much maintenance you're able to provide, and you'll be able to select just the right plant for you.

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