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10 Small Businesses You Can Support and Shop With Online

You can shop with these independent brands from anywhere.

Whether you're running errands in your hometown or traveling to a new city, shopping with small businesses is always a worthy stop — but sometimes shopping online is simply easier. However, that doesn't mean you can't still support your favorite local brands and businesses from afar. No matter where you're located, you can shop with some of your favorite independent brands, as well as discover new ones, online.

Some of our favorite small businesses, including Harriett's Bookshop and Pearl River Mart have brick-and-mortar storefronts in Philadelphia and New York City, respectively, although both have online stores that make it easy to shop for your favorite items and even send them as gifts. Other brands, like Lucky No. Candles and Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things, operate solely as online shops, so you can always order online and support independent creators and makers.

Keep reading for 10 of our favorite small businesses you can shop online.

Lucky No. Candles

Three candles in dark jars
Credit: Courtesy of Lucky No. Candles

This Latinx-owned brand makes beautiful candles from soy and coconut wax with wooden wicks, as well as crystals for an extra special touch. Not sure which candle is for you? The brand suggests you shop by your lucky number to find your perfect match.

Harriett's Bookshop

Conversations with Harriett Book
Credit: Courtesy of Bookshop

Harriett's Bookshop is a Black woman-owned bookstore in Philadelphia, PA, that highlights women authors, artists, and activists. But even if you won't be near the physical shop anytime soon, you can shop online with and support Harriett's directly.

To shop:

Nina Berenato

gold earrings and bracelet
Credit: Courtesy of Nina Berenato

This woman-owned jewelry brand is based in Austin, TX, but you can shop with the brand online from anywhere. The brand has a focus on sustainability and supporting other women makers. Plus, if you're local, you can even take jewelry-making classes with the brand to make baubles of your very own design.

Shaquanda Will Feed You

Bottle of hot sauce
Credit: Courtesy of Shaquanda Will Feed You

Founded by Andre Springer, who performs as the drag persona Shaquanda in New York City, this brand makes a variety of delicious hot pepper sauces, all of which can be used as condiments, seasonings, or marinades.

Pearl River Mart

Pearl River Mart retail inside
Credit: Courtesy of Pearl River Mart

Located in New York City's SoHo neighborhood, Pearl River Mart offers a wide variety of goods, including home wares, clothing, and snacks. The store acts as both a resource for Chinese American shoppers looking for reminders of home and a place for others to learn about Chinese culture.

Nguyen Coffee Supply

Bags of coffee and coffee filter brewer
Credit: Courtesy of Nguyen Coffee Supply

Nguyen Coffee Supply is a Vietnamese coffee company that imports beans via direct-trade and roasts them in Brooklyn, NY. Founded and run by Sahra Nguyen, who is first-generation Vietnamese American, the brand offers a variety of coffee blends, as well as sustainable brewers to help you brew Vietnamese-style coffee.

City Bird

Detroit t-shirt navy blue
Credit: Courtesy of City Bird

City Bird is a one-stop-shop for all things Michigan. If you can't visit their flagship store in Detroit, don't worry, since you can also shop a wide variety of gifts, apparel, and home goods online, whether you're looking for a novelty mug or a cookbook from a Detroit bakery.

Never Coffee Lab

White coffee mug and red/orange bag of coffee beans
Credit: Courtesy of Never Coffee

Locals and travelers alike love Never Coffee Lab, located in Portland, OR, for its delicious and inventive drinks. Luckily, you can enjoy this coffee (and stylish merchandise) from anywhere, since the company ships to all 50 states.

Estelle Colored Glass

Different colors of wine glasses
Credit: Courtesy of Estelle Colored Glass

If you're looking for eye-catching glassware, you can't pass up Estelle Colored Glass. Founded by Stephanie Summerson Hall and inspired by her grandmother Estelle who loved antiquing in her hometown in South Carolina, the brand makes stunning glassware, including wine glasses, cake stands, and decanters.

Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things 

Blue planner
Credit: Courtesy of Martha Mae

Fans of stationery and art supplies should consider heading over to Martha Mae's online shop for a beautifully curated selection of goods that they'll be proud to display on their desk or workspace. Shop items like fountain pens, sketchbooks, clay tools, and more.

Madeline Diamond is a Brooklyn-based e-commerce writer at Travel + Leisure, and she's constantly fighting the impulse to overpack for her next trip. You can follow her on Twitter @madgdiamond and Instagram @madelinediamond.