Whether you’re in an unfamiliar hotel room or crammed in the middle seat on a long-haul flight, these pillows, blankets, and PJs will have you dreaming big in no time.

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falling asleep on an airplane
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Tumi Jacket Pillow
Credit: Courtesy of Tumi

1 Tumi Patrol Packable Travel Jacket

The best travel products are often the ones that pull double-duty. Case in point: Tumi’s puffer jacket ($195) that converts to a neck pillow. Simply stuff the coat’s body into the hidden pocket in the collar and drift off to dreamland.

Travel Wedding Gifts: Slip Pillowcase
Credit: Courtesy of Slip

2 Slip Pillowcase

Toss one of these pillowcases ($79) into your carry-on to add a touch of luxury to your next business trip. Not only will the silk keep frizzy hair in check and skin feeling soft, but it’s also hypoallergenic, making it essential for travelers with asthma or allergies.

Cowshed Sleepy Cow Travel Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Cowshed

3 Cowshed Sleepy Cow Travel Set

Consider this set ($45)—which comes with relaxing bath salts, body butter formulated with soothing Melissa and lemon myrtle essential oils, a sleep-inducing pillow mist, and a sachet of chamomile tea—the cure for a serious case of travel insomnia. Plus, the pouch is perfect for storing cosmetics on future trips.

Credit: Courtesy of Best Made Co.

4 The Miller Planisphere

Gone camping? Drift to sleep mapping the stars with an old-school constellation map ($16).

Credit: Courtesy of Pillowfix

5 Pillowfix

Hotel pillow too soft? Firm it up with an inflatable support insert ($20) that can be customized to fit your sleeping preferences.

Black Tea Overnight Firming Mask
Credit: Courtesy of Fresh

6 Fresh Black Tea Overnight Mask

No beauty product can promise a restful sleep, but Fresh’s firming overnight mask ($92) does guarantee that you’ll awake ready to put your best face forward.

Travel Humidifier
Credit: Courtesy of BONECO

7 Travel Humidifier

Bone-dry sinuses make for uncomfortable snoozing. Invest in a portable humidifier ($50)—just add a water bottle from the mini-fridge—to ensure you sleep soundly.

Credit: Courtesy of Mimi Pet

8 Mimi Pet Earplugs

Block out city sounds, croaking frogs, and snoring spouses with a pair of dachshund-inspired earplugs ($34). Prefer something a bit more standard? These foam ones will do the trick as well.

Sleep Mask
Credit: Courtesy of Morgan Lane

9 Lacey Lids Eye Mask

We’re biologically wired to sleep in the dark. Dim the light from the midnight sun (or your seatmate’s excessively bright iPad) with a too-cute eye mask from Morgan Lane ($110).

Lavender Hand Cream
Credit: Courtesy of L'Occitane

10 L'Occitane Hand Cream

This hydrating lotion ($22) both nourishes dry skin with shea butter and lulls you to sleep with a calming lavender scent.

Eberjey Pajama Set
Credit: Courtesy of Eberjey

11 Eberjey Pajamas

Step up your snoozin’ attire with this set of super-soft pjs from Eberjey ($120).

AVB White noise machine
Credit: Amazon

12 White Sound Machine

Even with packing space at a premium, the SoundScreen from Marpac ($45) is well-worth its weight in a carry-on. Clocking in right around two pounds, it camouflages honks for New York cabbies, crying infants, and unruly hostel mates with a soothing whir to ensure you sleep through the night.

Bedtime tea
Credit: Courtesy of Yogi

13 Yogi Bedtime Tea

Need a good night’s sleep? Nix the nightcap, and opt instead for a cuppa bedtime tea ($19), a caffeine-free brew with organic chamomile, valerian, and passionflower.

Emergency Travel Blanket
Credit: Courtesy of Flight 001

14 Emergency Travel Blanket

You’ll never question the cleanliness of an in-flight blanket when you bring your own. Snuggle up on your next red-eye with this colorful, jersey one from Flight001 ($30). Better yet, the pouch becomes a pillow when the blanket's not in use.

La Prairie Sleep Mask
Credit: Courtesy of La Prairie

15 La Prairie Sleep Mask

Sleeping in on vacation is key. Slather your skin in La Prairie’s Sleep Mask ($315) before bed to shave minutes off your morning beauty routine. Read: It’s okay to hit that snooze button one more time.