With unpredictable winter weather (and flight plans) approaching, it's about time to switch up your travel wardrobe.

By Khalid Salaam
January 13, 2016
© domonabikeItaly / Alamy Stock Photo

Whether you're visiting a South Pacific island or visiting in family in the neighboring state, like any traveling gent, you'll want to be prepared (and properly dressed) for anything. Below, slick men's products that will help you take on the world.


Electric California

Electric California Outline Sunglasses, $110: Electric combines all the great things about Southern Cal beach life and puts them into a pair of shades. Style, attitude and comfort are here in great quantities. Buy it now! >>

Tom For April Sunglasses, $435: These shades are one part high-craftsmanship, one part style indulgence, and the rest is constructed with those intangible bits that we've grown to appreciate from the high-end label. Buy it now! >>

Staying Warm:

All Saints

Freenote British Plaid Mackinaw Coat, $700: Freenote's 100 percent wool overcoat comes with an authentic shearling collar and an abundance of class. It's what you'll wear when you want people to take notice. There's a seriousness to it, but one that can be easily made more casual if necessary.

All Saints Shearling Pea Coat, $1,117: The moody British label All Saints does many things well, but nothing as well as making standing-ovation-worthy outerwear. Throw it on when the wind chill gets aggressive and shrug your shoulders at the elements.


Courtesy of Bellroy

Bellroy Passport Sleeve, $99.95: When traveling around the globe, you want your mind free to enjoy the sites without looking like a tourist. You'll be hard-pressed to find something as elegant and masculine. Buy it now! >>

Want Les Essentiels Pearson Passport Cover, $125: You can throw your incidentals in a manila envelope, or you can make things easier, plain and simple, with the Pearson Passport Cover. Think of it as an investment. Buy it now! >>



Samsonite S'Cure Spinner Suitcase, $290: Its three-point locking system keeps your belongings safe and the rubber frame keeps the suitcase completely waterproof. If you consider yourself to be a serious traveler, this is the next level suitcase you need. Buy it now! >>

Rimowa Topas Cabin Multiwheel Suitcase, $1,640: You've spent your whole life trotting around with suspect suitcases. You've been all over the world with bookbags and once you used a trash bag during a road trip. It's time to treat yourself. Buy it now! >>



Jordan Eclipse, $110: There's a big difference between "comfortable," and what the Jordan Eclipse brings to the table. This is the most comfortable shoe on the market—and maybe ever. Buy it now! >>

Frye Warren Low Duck Boot, $298: Winter is coming and nothing spoils a good time like wet socks when you're sightseeing. Throw these on and ignore the weather app on your phone. The rubber outsole and shearling-lined inside comes free. Buy it now! >>