shark iq smart robot vacuum sale amazon prime day

This Best-selling Shark Robot Vacuum Is Nearly 50% Off for Prime Day

It's 2021. Let your robot vacuum for you.
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It's high time to invest in a robot vacuum. A good one. One that's intuitive and communicates with all your devices, from your cell phone to your smart home. Shark's IQ Robot Vacuum does this and more, including home mapping and methodical movements, and it's currently a massive 47% off for Amazon Prime Day.

Compatible with all your Alexa devices, the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum independently sweeps all the floors in your home at the touch of a button or a quick "Hey, Alexa." Available in two dock sizes, one with 30-day capacity and another with 45-day capacity, this robot vacuum will clean up, dock when it's done (or when you decide), and store debris in its docking station rather than in the vacuum body, which makes for easy disposal and prevents it from dropping more dirt than it picks up.

As the intuitive Shark IQ Robot Vacuum first starts its work, it will begin processing a map of your home. This not only reduces or eliminates the chances of it bumping into walls and furniture, but also helps it prioritize certain areas such as pet-loved zones, carpets, and the kitchen — wherever needs the most attention.

The vacuum comes complete with an app, which is able to show you your vacuum's map as well as allow you to schedule cleanings, target specific areas, and request immediate, real-time cleanings, even if you're out or traveling. And rather than buzzing around in nonsensical circles, the Shark IQ navigates its cleaning in methodical rows, so no areas go untouched and your entire home is thoroughly cleaned.

Right now for Amazon Prime Day, the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum with 45-day capacity is $280 off, which is an unexpectedly huge deal for such a popular robot vacuum model. We recommend you don't wait to take advantage.

shark iq smart robot vacuum sale amazon prime day
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $320 (originally $600)

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