By Madeline Diamond
January 31, 2020

Wintertime typically brings colder temperatures, heavy snow, and other unexpected weather. Along with the season comes a higher risk of catching a cold or the flu, not to mention the current coronavirus outbreak in China. However, in addition to taking the appropriate steps to protect yourself from illness this winter, there are also some travel accessories on the market that make it easier to stay well. Take the Pollution Protection Filter Scarf from Scough, for example. The scarf doubles as a filtered mask that is designed to protect you from outside pollutants.

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $49

The Scough may look like any other winter scarf, although it has several features that make it stand out as a convenient protector against germs, bacteria, pollution, and allergens. First off, the material includes an activated carbon filter that traps pollution, keeping you from breathing it in. The scarf also has detachable elastic loops that keep the mask portion in place. The loops clip onto the scarf around the neck that keep your mouth and nose protected when in use.

Courtesy of Amazon

In addition to the Pollution Protection Scarf, you can also choose from a bandana style and a kids size, so you can keep the whole family protected.

Amazon shoppers have praised the scarf for its usefulness during the winter. "Love this thing — great for avoiding germs on airplanes, my daily subway commute, and during flu season, but also really cozy and just a great all around scarf. Also love that you can’t see the band or the mask part in person when you’re wearing it — just looks like a normal, super soft scarf that magically stays in place," one reviewer wrote.

So if you'll be traveling this season or just braving the outdoors on a daily basis, consider adding this scarf to your winter wardrobe to decrease your chances of getting sick.

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