By Kendall Cornish
November 15, 2019
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Samsara Smart Carry-on
Credit: Courtesy of Samsara

Since you’re probably already deep in research for the perfect carry-on, we’ll just cut to the chase. We found it. And it’s on Amazon.

Attractive, sleek, and unexpectedly roomy, the Samsara hard-sided carry-on was already everything you needed in a small suitcase. Then the brand took it a step further and made it “smart.”

The Samsara carry-on has real-time tracking, so if you decide to check it with the rest of your luggage or lose track of it for whatever reason, you won’t have to wait for TSA or the airline to find it for you.

An easily chargeable, accessible, and removable smart unit located inside the suitcase connects to an app on your phone. Through the Samara app, you can see precisely where your bag is at all times, and when and where your bag is opened while out of your sight.

Samsara Smart Carry-on
Credit: Courtesy of Samsara

Should anyone have the opportunity to take a peek inside your Samsara, you can rest assured knowing that the carry-on’s TSA-approved double locks will do their job. They are absolutely as challenging and heavy-duty as they look and will intimidate anyone who doesn’t know their codes.

The body of the carry-on is also made out of industrial aluminum, so it's lightweight and won't make lifting it into overhead bins any harder than it needs to be.

To buy:, $449