By Tanner Saunders
October 29, 2019
Courtesy of Quip

When it comes to dental hygiene on the go, people are often conflicted. Big and expensive electric toothbrushes are hard to carry around. Cheap toothbrushes just don’t seem to do the trick. And don’t even get us started about where’s the best place to store your toothbrush in a hotel room.

Quip solved that problem by making what many consider to be the perfect toothbrush for travelers. This toothbrush — complete with a timer, a case to keep it germ-free, and a subscription service to send you fresh brush heads and toothpaste — was a game changer for people both at home and constantly on the move.

Courtesy of Quip

But now, the brand is introducing a new, travel-friendly product to keep our teeth even cleaner: a refillable floss applicator that can fit basically anywhere. Perfect for the Instagram set, this sleek canister pops open with a click to distribute the perfect amount of fresh mint floss as designated by an indicator.

Approved by the American Dental Associate, Refillable Floss costs $20 with the option to get a refill of floss for $5 every three months.

According to Quip, two in three people don’t floss every day, and the company hopes the product will “inspire people to use their floss everywhere and have it with them at all times.”

The stylish new floss dispenser — arguably the most stylish — is available in four colors (slate, copper, gold, and black) to perfectly match your favorite dopp kit or suitcase.

So now, whatever your dental care routine, it’s easier than ever to keep your pearly whites clean and healthy. And considering how travel friendly Quip products are — like its TSA-approved toothpaste — you never have to worry about packing for your next big trip (or if you have something stuck in your teeth.)

Courtesy of Quip

To buy:, $20

Courtesy of Quip

To buy:, $25 - $40