petkit automatic pet feeder

This Automatic Pet Feeder Has Drastically Eased My Cat's (and My) Separation Anxiety

Neurotic pet owners rejoice.
By Kendall Cornish
March 10, 2021
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Always being at home these days has been a dream come true for my cat and me. Few things are as serotonin-inducing as having a soft kitty curled up in your lap while you work or watching him chase an imaginary something for thirty minutes while you have lunch. But, all this newfound time with my cat personally had me worried about potential separation anxiety whenever I do start spending more time out and about. While I'm still sorting out how I'll cope with mine, there's one product that's kept my cat ready for that time to come.

PETKIT's Automatic Pet Feeder has been a life-changer for my cat, Fat Lou, who was due for a new weight management method anyway. And while that was the reason for my purchase initially, this automatic feeder has helped Lou disassociate food with humans, which has meant little to no begging or tricking my housemate or partner to re-feed him when I'd already gotten up at 6am to do so.

The automatic feeder simply plugs into an outlet, connects to your wifi with the help of a handy and easy-to-use app, and dispenses food according to the schedule and amount you customize yourself. I was able to ease Lou off the free-feeding he was used to when I lived with my family (and their many cats) during quarantine by offering him multiple tiny meals a day.

petkit automatic pet feeder
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

PETKIT's intuitive app notifies me each time Lou is fed, which is now down to two small meals a day (a total feat understandable by owners with cats who have a little more to love). So, whether I'm at home or spending even a few days at my partner's home, or even when I begin traveling again, I can keep tabs on when and how much Lou is eating.

While there are quite a few automatic pet feeders out there, especially on Amazon, I opted for PETKIT's minimalist, clean look. As someone who has an irrational fear of anyone, including myself, being able to tell I have a cat by the eyesores that often are cat toys, litter boxes, and the like, PETKIT's Automatic Feeder is a breath of fresh air. It's well constructed and looks like it's worth twice its price.

Overall, PETKIT's Automatic Pet Feeder is worth the $80 I spent 100 times over. If you have a new puppy or kitten in need of training, have an older cat who could stand to lose a few lbs, or are just looking to prevent any future separation anxiety with your little loved one, this automatic pet feeder is a solid answer.

petkit automatic pet feeder
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $77 (originally $90)

I was so impressed by PETKIT's Automatic Feeder that I purchased the brand's Stainless Steel Water Fountain, which is the quietest pet water fountain I've ever encountered in my life — and Lou absolutely loves it.

petkit water fountain automatic
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy:, $51 (originally $60)

Kendall Cornish is an e-commerce editor at Travel + Leisure. She's never lived anywhere longer than three years, but currently resides in Brooklyn with her cat and beloved Dyson vacuum. You can follow her on Instagram at @kendall.cornish.

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